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So, in light of my new guns, I'm selling off these two KJW M700s.
Here's a basic price list:
KJW M700 non-takedown - $200
DBC customs 6.01 ~ $100 (no longer available)
King Arms airseal bucking - $15
King Arms silencer adapter - $25
Mock suppressor - ~$20
Harris Style bipod - $30
M-1S replica illuminated mil-dot scope, 3.5-10x - $80
ColdShot kit x2 mags (literally last batch made, no longer available) - $230 (includes MagnumBB tapping both mags)

KJW M700 Takedown - $200
At this point needs a new bucking and a hop up nub ($3). If you want to wait for this gun I can order and install those parts. Comes with untapped, regular mag.

Also included:
Madbull Black Python V2 PSG-1 length 6.03mm tightbore - $30

Altogether a value of over $900
Asking $500 OBO, offer what you think is fair, but please -- don't lowball. If I get my asking price of close I will include the bag in the pictures, or some flecktarn gear. Whatever buyer prefers. I will only split up the package if I can get all/most of it spoken for. I would only really be looking for partial trades, I need to recoup some money.

Family photo.

Family photo. Left to right bag, Madbull barrel, M700 takedown, M700 non-takedown

Detail of coldshot unit, plus extra mag.

Detail of paintjob on takedown.

Thanks for looking!
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