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KJW m700

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well I have decided to go out on a limb and I've ordered a KJW m700 take down version however I understand there are a few problems with consistency on the stock barrel considering a 6.1

I was planning on buying

I also understand its compatible with some tanaka parts based on that knowledge I also planned to order


and on a side note I've heard that this gun is capable of taking the tanaka 29 round mags does anyone have some info on this?

Please feel free to input ur knowledge or make some suggestions all are much appreciated :)
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Well I have a Tanaka m700 AICS. Yes I know its not a KJW but they have the same problem; consistency on propane or green gas, the consistency is terrible. If I was you, im doing this right now also, I'd spend a good amount of time looking around at how to make a co2 or HPA rig, this is the greatest fix for gas operated airsoft snipers. Also invest in a good bucking and a 6.03(not 6.01) TBB. This is just my $.02.

NOTE! I sent an email to asgi about that inner barrel you mentioned! It does not have the gruve for the VSR-10 buckings!

Go with laylax, Edgi, Prometheus, or PDI barrels that are designated TanakaM700, KJW or Vsr-10 compatible. AND DONT GET the madbull 650mm inner barrel.
I don't know if you would want to go with something that doesn't have ratings but here:

Oh buuy nowww!! jk dnt know if its long enough for a kjw, I just bought this for my tanaka because my tanaka has the KA barrel cap, but its laylax:
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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