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Upgrading a KJW or Tanaka are pretty simple. You'll spend $100 on just the magazine upgrades if you don't shop over seas. I would buy it used and I would not get the take-down model since it's advantages are only useful when you are off the field. I think their is less to go wrong in a gas rifle then their is to wrong in a spring rifle but you'll end up spending about the same if you get am air rig or a laylax zero trigger. But, the air rig can be used on multiple gun unlike the zero. Fun project gun. Focus on you hopup and buying everything used. I did mine for CHEAP. I think I put in about $200 and had it valuing somewhere around $5-600. The PCS bolt version of the Tanakas are pointless if you convert the magazine to HPA. You regulators will do a better job than the flow restrictor ever could in the bolt. And once the HPA is regulated the PCS does nothing.

New barrel (Prometheus)
New bucking (nineball, King arms)
29rnd mag (Tanaka)
assorted mag upgrades
assorted bolt upgrades
Air rig
3000PSI HPA tank
.4g BBs
Rings and a 4 or 6x scope with adjustable focus

You also might want to look into the G&G G96. G&G and KA make a ton of parts for the M700.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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