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KJW M700P Build

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I have been working on this gun for a while and wanted to share it with you all.

Gun: KJW M700P
Scope: Matrix 3-12x50 Illuminated Reticle Sniper Scope

Internal upgrades:
King Arms Air Seal Chamber
G&G Rubber Air Seal Set
CNC Chamber Conversion Kit
EdGI 6.01mm Precision Tight Bore Inner Bull Barrel
G&G Steel Cocking Piece
Palmers HPA Rig

External Mods:
Cut 5 inches from outer barrel
Custom thread adapter for 14mm CCW
10 inch custom silencer
Harris Bipod

Here is a test video I made today shooting it at the 200 foot range at Black Ops Airsoft, I need to tweak the camera mount a bit for tomorrows game:

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I had a few of the fittings from some scrap lab equipment that I had stripped for parts (got it in an auction) and it had allot on pneumatic stuff in it. The fitting is awesome and swivels as well. Unffortunately I dont have a part number, you may be able to find something similar at a napa, ask the guy at the counter about air brake fittings.

The mag was hard to find in stock, but Airsoft Extreme had one and they got it to me fast.
Fantastic rifle, Dobey! I am sympathetic to your approach to the platform and the upgrades you are using. My Tanaka M40A1 has similar upgrades..I am going to get an HPA rig soon. I love getting a role model to aim to, because of the rarity of M700/M40 players around here I tend to have nothing to compare it against and it becomes really hard to know whether or not I am getting somewhere with it or just wasting money in parts ;)

Second: Next step: R-Hop ;)

Third: What hop up bucking are you using?

Fourth: The bolt in my M40A1 feels looser rather than sticky..weird how these things change ;) I was such an airsoft noob though that I might have put too much violence in the first days of M40A1 shooting ;)
I am using the stock hop bucking from the kjw, the G&G one that came with my kit was so tight the gun cannot push the bb through it!

With the upgrades I have done the gun is deadly inside of 200 feet, if the player is not moving much they are going to get hit. I feel like I can hit a person most shots at 250, but I can no longer pick where I want to hit them, the shot can go high or low or left/right a bit at 250 feet. Also at that range even a slow walk can make me miss because it takes a second or two for the bb to get there. I think it would be a wasted shot at this point beyond 260 feet. I may try it if it will not give me away but I dont expect a hit every time at that range.

I am using a Simmons Range finder to make sure I don't shoot inside my MED (100 feet) and don't try shots too long.

Very useful tool:
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Awesome info, thanks. I've seen your videos and the performance checks, you've got a very nice platform. Stock versions of KJW and Tanaka are so-so, but they are awesome rifles in the hands of the patient armorer. They make you work hard and have no fear to show you even the slightest mistake, they require money, time waiting for shipped parts to arrive and more than average DIY skills..but when they come out of the tech lab, they shine like nothing else. Even if it is the world of airsoft, they get the same respect of the original precision rifles proudly carried by real Scout Snipers.

Hooah to them ;)
Been working on my burlap wrap for the gun. I was caught in the act by a field cameraman this weekend here:

This was a cool shot, the beginning of a LARP style game where I had to take out another player on command from my team lead over comms, shot went perfectly. It was 57 yards, and was a one shot kill on command.

great start to the day, and lucky for me the camera guy caught me all set up to take the shot from a second story window.

I will also be working on a kydex cover for the camera this week, so keep an eye out for pictures!
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Love it, that's the man I would want on overwatch while I follow my FTL
Photo look pretty dope man!

Very sweet! Are HPA rifles allowed at ops yet? I remember just a few years back if someone even mentioned HPA they got into some real trouble on many forums. It was looked at like it was illegal lol.. I wanted one but since it was so highly shunned I decided not to.
They are allowed at the ops I've been to. Although I don't like the fact that the regulator on many of the polarstars aren't locked. Even worse is that they are outside of people's bags so if anyone wanted they could quickly change the PSI and shoot harder with little to no effort.
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Once tested, HPA rigs can be cuffed into a sort of bag where the regulator is and then secured with zip ties and signed by referees or supervisors. This will avoid tampering and cheating. This is how I would do it if I owned a field. Which is my dream. :)
At chrono they just mark my PSI and anyone can look at it all day and see it hasn't changed. Personally I think it would be harder to hit targets messing with the pressure all the time.
Easier as well. There is no excuse not to love or envy HPA snipers eheh
Once tested, HPA rigs can be cuffed into a sort of bag where the regulator is and then secured with zip ties and signed by referees or supervisors. This will avoid tampering and cheating. This is how I would do it if I owned a field. Which is my dream. :)
Mine too.

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I started work on the Kydex cover for the Canon Vixia today. I need to armor this up a little as it was kind of expensive (for me at least) and I don't want it to get all shot up. I am starting on the view window face, since this thing sticks out and is a prime target for anyone that is shooting at me while I am aiming at them.

I started out by wrapping a piece of paper around it in the shape I want to bend the Kydex, then using the side of a pencil I rubbed the edges to get a good outline. Then I measured this outline, drew the shape in Inventor, printed it out and cut out the print to test the fit:

I tweaked the radius a bit on the rounded end, then sent the file out to the shop. Whipped up some G-code and cut it out on the cnc machine!

Here it is ready for some heat and a little bending to get the exact shape:

With some shape to it:

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Looks pretty dope! Im pretty sure I wouldn't want full auto fire at 300-350 fps pinging off my camera.. If I had one. :hehe:

Looks great! Going to paint it to match the rifle?

Have any experience making Kydex holsters?
Yeah I will be painting it, I have never worked with it before, I got this sheet from a guy that does make sheaths and holsters.
Looks good. Kind of makes me want to get my hands on some and make a protective case for a GoPro that doesn't inhibit audio recording..
Others take piece of pvc pipe and use that to cover camera. Then you go and do this(=better than original)..... I guess it should have been expected from you.
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