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KJW M700P Build

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I have been working on this gun for a while and wanted to share it with you all.

Gun: KJW M700P
Scope: Matrix 3-12x50 Illuminated Reticle Sniper Scope

Internal upgrades:
King Arms Air Seal Chamber
G&G Rubber Air Seal Set
CNC Chamber Conversion Kit
EdGI 6.01mm Precision Tight Bore Inner Bull Barrel
G&G Steel Cocking Piece
Palmers HPA Rig

External Mods:
Cut 5 inches from outer barrel
Custom thread adapter for 14mm CCW
10 inch custom silencer
Harris Bipod

Here is a test video I made today shooting it at the 200 foot range at Black Ops Airsoft, I need to tweak the camera mount a bit for tomorrows game:

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I am using a single palmers reg and get +/- 1 fps so I think for this brand name at least a double regulator would be overkill. The 13/3000 ninja tank will give you at least 1000 shots so it is as big as you need to go, I cant remember the last time I shot more than 150 rounds in a day of airsoft, so that thing would last me at least 8 full skirmishes.
Made a new hop up nub from aluminum for the King Arms cnc chamber. The radius on the bottom is exactly the same as the inner barrel:

Then I glued a small strip of rubber to help cushion the metal against the 9ball bucking:

The first shots at the range today are very promising, it is a bit windy but the 30 or so shots I managed when it was calm were very consistent.
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Found a very similar right angle air line connector for those that were wondering where I got mine:

3128, Male 90 Degree Elbow Swivel Air Fitting - 1/4 inch tubing - 1/8 NPT, Adapter Fitting -
Is that elbo hinged? Looks like it. Thats sweet! I wonder if it will connect into my qd on my co2 rig.
Yeah it will spin around, I love the one I have in my mag.
I like the idea of your hopup nub and it looks nice, but is there any reason you haven't done an r-hop? They usually give more range and better consistency than the standard bucking system. Paired with an HPA rig, they can be quite amazing.

I have done several. I don't normally comment about the r hop but because you asked me directly I will.

I have machined barrels for friends and helped install probably 5 or 6 times r hop patches in the last year or so. I have never seen an increase in range over a standard hop unit that was working correctly. I don't know if all the people saying they get more range really did, or maybe they did get more range but their standard hop unit was not working correctly.

I have an airsoft range marked to 250 foot with targets at every 25 feet, I am sure you have seen it if you watch any of my videos. Targets were set with a surveyors tape, and verified with my Simmons laser range finder. That being said an AEGs that chrono 350 fps with 0.25g bb's usually shoot to 175 feet out of the box and the hop up properly tuned.

I mention this because I want to quantify what I consider max range of a gun. I set the hop up so the bb shoots straight, and at the end of its flight it lifts slightly, maybe 3 to 5 inches before dropping to the ground. Next I see how far the gun can shoot and hit one of the steel 14 inch targets at the range without arcing or lobbing the shot. Ussually this is around 175 feet if it is a stock gun with the above mentioned fps. I set the sights or scope for 150 foot, so the bb hits where the sight aims.

Once all that is done sure you can strap it to full auto and dump a rainbow arc of 150 rounds out to the 250 foot mark and maybe hit it 2 or 3 times, that doesn't mean I get on the internet and say I have a gun that shoots 250 feet, I say I have a gun that shoots 175 feet because that is what I can shoot one bb at and hit reliably.

Now that you have read all that and understand my terminology I will say again, I have never seen an Rhop increase the range of an airsoft gun over that of a correctly installed and working standard hop unit.

They may or may not be a little more stable shot to shot but they are also much more sensitive to adjustment, and a huge pain in the ass to install.

With all that being said I find it very hard to believe the numbers people spout on the internet about 300 foot shots, or even 400 foot shots with guns in the 1.5 joule range.

My field sees about 1000 individual players over the course of the year (citing number of waivers we collect here) and of those 1000 players they each usually have 2 or more guns. So it is fair to say that I see, chrono, and shoot at a real range literally thousands of airsoft guns each year in various stages of being upgraded.

In all that time I have never seen any gun that was field legal (1.42 joules) that could hit the 250 foot plate as I have described above. 99% cannot even hit the 200 foot plate.

So that is my take on the rhop, the results do not equal the hype, and definitely do not equal the effort it takes to install it.
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I couldnt agree more! I was just talking to someone last night about R hops. I started to do one once, and it was a headache! Way more trouble than its worth.I prefer a good bucking also. As for 400ft shots, I wouldnt even shoot at someone that far anyways.. I have played a long long time and I get kills just fine without an R hop.
I definitely agree that there is no way somebody with a field legal gun could be hitting the 400ft's just ridiculous.
My main experience with an r-hop came from an installation on my bar-10. I could see a clear increase in range and a much flatter trajectory. However, I do believe that you are also right. I had only been using the stock bucking, which could very well be the reason I noticed such a jump in performance.
It all depends on what you like! I enjoy spending time tuning my rifle - I may be able to achieve the same result faster, but it's just something I like to do.
Also, I do watch your videos and enjoy them very much (I think they are the best scope cam videos on youtube). I respect you, and I hope you don't take my post the wrong way. You have much more experience than I do and it's nice to see things from another person's perspective.

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I have only seen one person supposedly hit a target at 400 feet and that was Marught SGT. Of AirsoftRetreat ( Videos on YouTube), I think its legitimate. He used a VSR shooting at 827 FPS...

Dobey, what PSI do you run at? I figured around 100.
Yep right around 100 psi, and to clarify I am not saying anything is impossible, just that I have not seen it. If someone were to show up at my field and prove me wrong I would be more than happy.
If you are on the fence about regulating your gas sniper vrs propane/green gas take a look at this chart i made showing the pressure of propane vapor vrs outside temperature.

Going from a cool morning at 50 degrees to a warm afternoon of 80 degrees will change the pressure of your gas gun by 50 psi!

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Very interesting. Thank you for sharing that.
I actually didn't know the pressure could climd up to 200psi!!
I knew the pressure was between 70-130psi!

I saw a KWA LM4 mag swell from sitting on the dash of a car in the hot sun gassed with propane, must have hit 130 in the closed vehicle. Thing wouldn't fit in the mag well any more.
Much like Tanaka mags I guess!
Great info mate thank you


Do you have any experience with other rigs? The secondary regulator is mainly what I'm interested in.
I was wondering how much the quality of that inline regulator affects the performance. I can imagine that a Palmers reg would do better than a $30 reg, but I have no idea just how much of a difference it makes.
I have only dealt with the Palmers rigs, I have used 4 of them and all have been top notch!
I guess once you find a brand that works there's no need to change! You said you were getting + or - 1 fps correct? I have a lower quality regulator that I'll test consistency with in a couple days. It isn't a perfect comparison due to the fact that both regs won't be used on the same gun (compression, barrel, etc. will be different), but it should still be reasonable.

Hmm... I was just thinking... I wonder how the quality of the tank regulator affects everything?
I have used Palmer's Pursuit rigs for about 20 years in paintball and they are bullet proof and by far have the best consistency from shot to shot than any other reg I've used, I have tried CP, ANS, and other no namer's. Again you cannot go wrong with Palmer's
Pretty rifle. :)
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