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KJW M700P Build

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I have been working on this gun for a while and wanted to share it with you all.

Gun: KJW M700P
Scope: Matrix 3-12x50 Illuminated Reticle Sniper Scope

Internal upgrades:
King Arms Air Seal Chamber
G&G Rubber Air Seal Set
CNC Chamber Conversion Kit
EdGI 6.01mm Precision Tight Bore Inner Bull Barrel
G&G Steel Cocking Piece
Palmers HPA Rig

External Mods:
Cut 5 inches from outer barrel
Custom thread adapter for 14mm CCW
10 inch custom silencer
Harris Bipod

Here is a test video I made today shooting it at the 200 foot range at Black Ops Airsoft, I need to tweak the camera mount a bit for tomorrows game:

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Where can i buy a paint like this for gun can you send me link maybe and how do you do it
where did you get the internal parts? i am looking around for some of them and cant find any other than the hop up, inner barrel, and the king arms air seal
I got the parts from evike or ehobbyasia. Paint is rustoleum camo series, got it at the hardware store.
by the way man great videos youre my inspiration! and plazma burn but only because he is family.
I looking for but don´t find. What regulator you use ? I looking for one with output about 100-150 PSI what you have. THX for reply

sorry for english
Here's the reg I'm using:

Low Pressure Inline Stabilizer [PPSP011LP] - $79.00 : Palmers Pursuit Shop, Where Custom Still Means Something

Palmer's Reg's are among the best, if not the best and most consistent I have ever used
hope this isnt a necro but i do have a few questions, maybe i missed it (it is 5am so maybe i did)

I would love to get a HPA sniper rig, that being said, is it possible to convert a springer to HPA, if no (w/e in my books), are there specific gas gun you suggest to use for this, and are you always connected to the mags with your airline? what is the sound level or difficulty when switching mags if you are connected to one mag all the time
from what I can tell, theres no such thing as that kind of conversion. (the easy way that is...) Anything is possible if you have the right tools, know how to use them, time, money, etc. check out Dobey's post on the M700 to M99 conversion.
Very nice project dobey, i think it's by far, the best project i've ever seen :)

I guess once you find a brand that works there's no need to change! You said you were getting + or - 1 fps correct? I have a lower quality regulator that I'll test consistency with in a couple days. It isn't a perfect comparison due to the fact that both regs won't be used on the same gun (compression, barrel, etc. will be different), but it should still be reasonable.

Hmm... I was just thinking... I wonder how the quality of the tank regulator affects everything?
If you want very low FPS variations you must ensure there are no air leaks. I found out that i have to strap in place the mag so it won't wobble, so that the bucking from the bolt goes in the same spot over the magazine and the gas (air) is transfered corectly (without any leaks) into the barrel
Not true bobcat. There was another thread on here somewhere talking about a springer-hpa conversion.I think it was even another kjw m700 thread it came up in. I can't remember if it was Palmer's pursuit that made them or another. It didn't sound to difficult either. Just replaced the whole bolt assembly.

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is it possible to convert a springer to HPA
Yes, you should try Mancraft's conversion kits, they are available for the top springers (VSR, L96, SVD). And they also accept custom orders for the rare ones, like the Cheytac, Barret, WA2000, etc.

Check this post.

To contact them the best option is to send a PM in their facebook.
Thank you Dimitri. Mancraft is it.

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Is this custom nub better than using the stock nub? I had tried to make a custom nub out of plastic before and i did not work. And also, what is the simplest way to cut the metal nub without any special tools?
I would make an intro post and build a new topic to ask your question.
Try to look at the dates when things were posted as you narked this post bad.

Happy hunting.
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