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Yeah yeah yeah I know what you guys are thinking.... but.... I really do need to sell this rifle this time :p

With my time running short with my new child and all I am not able to get out and airsoft as much as I would like any more. I am planning on maybe getting out 3-4 times the rest of the year. And for me to be able to keep this rifle I would have to get out much more than what I am as of right now.

I am just not able to get out and use the rifle like I need to, especially with my new little guy. I am trying to thin down my herd of rifles, my real rifles, air rifles and airsoft rifles, and stick with one to use for my small game hunting.

As I typically shoot far more of my pellet rifles, for pest control around my town, I am thinking of letting the SR-15 go for now, and possibly in the future picking up another rifle and getting back into the sport. But for now it is looking like it is one of the things that may have to go on hold for now. And having a rifle right now that shoots plastic isn't going to do me much good against rabbits and birds :p

So yeah I am looking at selling the Kokusai as of right now.... if I can't sell her I will put her on my wall and let her sit until I am able to get back into the game.

What is going in the sale is this......

Kokusai Crimebuster SR-15 $1000
10 magpul PTS mags $80
Austin Wolv build dual rig air set up $200
Random ammo that I have .... from .20's through .43's $150 or so?

I am not looking at parting out anything at the moment, as I don't want to sell the mags and have nothing to use with the rifle if that doesn't sell. The same goes for the air rig... wouldn't make since in selling the rig and not sell the rifle, and not be able to power the rifle at all.

As I am also looking at selling my target .22lr, the only possible trade that I would really want would be a PCP air rifle. And my list is somewhat limited as to what I would want for a trade.

This rifle is a beast, both in performance as well as in weight..... so buyer is going to have to pay for shipping, you can talk to cheese man and ask him what the shipping costs were from Alaska to me here in Fargo, ND.

As you can see I have no less than $1280 into the rifle, and that doesn't include shipping, or the work on some of the little parts that I have done to her.

I would like to see as close to that as I possibly can, of course the price can be offset like I said by a nice PCP air rifle.

Any questions please ask me guys and I will be more than happy to help you guys out. And I am willing to work out a payment plan if someone wants the rifle but can't get the funds together for a little bit.

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