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Kony 2012

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I presume everyone has seen this vid, I was previously aware of the horrors of the Congo and Rwanda and tried to spread he word. I was never aware of this bastard though in Uganda. WARNING, the video might offend some people.
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Thanks mod! :)
I support the idea behind arresting the guy but the charity that made the video i don't support.
I dont support the people that made the video at all. One of them made $89 000 last year, and I read something about weapons too. Ill find the article. This kid soldiering has been going on for years now, so I dont see why its being brought to everyones attention now. I agree it needs to stop, but not through social media like it is. If people truly cared, theyd donate to the UN, or other organizations.
Ok so here it comes. I support the cause of this movement. The charity however isn't completely pure in nature. A significant portion of the funds received do not actually go to relief efforts. Also, as with anything on the internet it should be taken with a grain of salt. This is especially true on social media. Since younger generations are less connected with the outside world they are more vulnerable to things of this nature. I also find it ironic that they are targeting social media. I find it along the same lines as the older generations buying "as seen on tv" products. The target audience accepts the ad or cause for face value and then spend their money buying said product or supporting said cause without researching anything.
I'm pretty sure there is an economical reason behind this sudden surge of what has been going on in that region for years. There may be oil or resources of that nature that Uganda is willing to share with the world if they get rid of this Kony guy. Maybe we should make a Youtube video about everything that's wrong in this world, and have a bunch of hipsters on Facebook share it and like it. It makes no difference and war will always flood that region. There will always be someone there to pull that trigger. Little do they know anything about what goes on there. The majority of the 40+ million people that watched the vid believe only what they watched.

In the end, all we will hear is a bunch of regurgitated information from some video and believe that it is the truth and the only truth.
He sounds like a ...."cat".... well you know another word for one that I can't say on this forum.

All I am going to say is that he is one more hippy that is trying to make the world love everyone. There are always going to be people upset, and feel like they need to be better than another group of people. And this is something that will never go away.

And like was said above... just did a quick search and most of the "donations" go right into this guys pockets. So he is doing good how? He is nothing but another greedy person, and to be honest no better than the people who he is trying to speak out against. These are tribal wars, and have been going on for hundreds of years, and they will never end. And it doesn't matter what the UN or anybody else says about it.

Think of it this way..... take everything that you do, know, and love. Now what would you do if someone came in and started to tell you what to do, and how to do it...... do it or we will kill you. You have more or less what many people in the world are going through. Now you have the UN... they come in and do the same thing, but to the other people...BUT..... the UN plays by rules and the "bad guys" don't. So what good can the UN do if the local people don't help and do something for them selves? Answer.... NOTHING!

I have seen this first hand, and yes it does in fact suck. But people need to stand up for themselves and not expect everyone else to help them out with all of their problems. This is unfortunately the world that we live in and everyone wants things done for them, so they don't have to do anything themselves.

And in my eyes..... this has no reason to be here on these forums. Lounge or not things of a political nature will only cause people to argue and fight with each other.

I will get off my soap box, but after seeing this first hand, and knowing what these people are going through.... only they can help themselves. And no amount of my money, or yours, is going to change anything.
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No amount of US explosives or ammo will fix it either. If he was a big problem a predator would have destroyed his happy A**.

That being said, no I haven't watched the video nor will I ever. He just isn't that big of a deal to anyone outside of the immediate area. And if he is removed, someone else will just take his place. The right person will have to come along in that region and fix the issue. Nothing any outside force can do
Me and Swordfish have the same exact views on this. Well, I was thinking a sniper would take him out but a predator drone is good too.
I agree with practically everything above. Most charities unfortunaly, take a large portion of donations for their workers. It is sad but true. It is amazing how unaware people are, I knew of all this and of course many, many others did before the video, but maybe a video like this (with all of it's viralness) can inspire a few to make a change themselves, and help these children in a 'purer' way.

But yes, there are a many hipster pieces of sh!t who just spread it for the sake of it. (well actualy it might be too mainstream for them :p )
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