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Ok what size is this thread because I want to install one of those tube QD fittings like this

into the bottom of the magazine so that I can interchangeably use HPA and green gas simply because I feel like it

Here's a picture of it and a link to the actual part(one on the right is from my Tanaka fittings and the thread isn't deep enough to fit into the magazine):

O-ring sizing (

GBB Fill Valve O-rings
Part 9452K111 (AS568A-001) - $1.87 for pack of 100
Part 9452K311 (AS568A-001-1/2) - $2.82 for pack of 100
Part 9452K112 (AS568A-002) - $1.87 for pack of 100

Note: -001 is confirmed to fit TM fill valves, but unfortunately they caused filling issues so I took them off - use with caution. I haven't used -002 yet, but I suspect they can be used for larger valves (i.e. 40mm grenades). Also, the use of needlenose tweezers to stretch the O-ring is absolutely necessary - McMaster sells those as well if you don't have any already.

On a sidenote, user Karab has informed me that he managed to use -002 O-rings for his KWA M9 PTP just fine - this technically should mean it will work with other KWA magazines, but do take that advice with a grain of salt.

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Are you saying it is 8mm?
Apologies for the necropost but I have been looking for fill valve thread related info and this question was left hanging and needed an answer.

So no the previous post said the thread was M5 .80, which would have been better written M5 x 0.8. Where M5 is the ISO Standard thread description and 0.8 is the thread pitch in mm. Not saying the thread is 8mm. Saying that the thread is M5 (5mm OD) with a 0.80mm pitch.
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