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KWA P226 PTP hot weather/not shooting fix

This post is going to help anyone with a KWA P226 PTP (or KSC equivalent) solve possible problems in hot weather, when the magazine is "too" charged.

Original post by: kiettyyyy

I've noticed an issue with using green gas and/or propane in hot climates. When pulling the trigger, a puff of gas is released with the slide traversing a quarter of its full travel. This will continue until the magazine's gas & gas reservoir has cooled sufficiently.

I've replaced both the hammer spring and recoil spring to fully depress the magazine's gas release valve. This won't let additional gas flow through in colder environments, it will just allow the gun to function properly in every environment(hot or cold). After taking apart the M226 that was on display at Evike, I found that a compatible spring(s) would be the Tokyo Marui MEU .45 150% spring. It has a very similar outer and inner diameter on both the recoil and hammer spring. The main difference is the length of the spring.

Here's a link to the spring: [LINK]

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