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L96 bolt question???

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I have a utg l96 and its heavily upgraded, pdi hop up, prommy barrel, barrel spacers, new reinforces sears, and metal trigger box, the bolt consists of the cheap upgrade kit, which gets the job done for now, but my problem is whenever I push the bolt forward it is way to hard, it acts like it rubbing against the receiver too hard but I put silicone spray on the cylinder and its still doing it, is there a different lube I should use??
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White lithium grease on everything inside the bolt except the piston head and the cylinder head.
How would I check if its binding up, and do you think white lithium will fix it? Should it go on the outside of the bolt too?
Yes, add a thin layer of the lithium grease on the exterior surface on the bolt. I am fairly sure it will help fix the problem.
Ok, so I should add a thin layer on the outside of the bolt, some on the spring, spring guide, and piston, and I should be good? And what are the dangers of getting it in the hop up, and on the cylinder head?
A slippery hop bucking, and serious underhop, with a lot of grease residue in the barrel.

Just none on the piston head, and you should be good.
Ok thank you.
New question, ive been noticing some scratches on the bolt, fairly deep, will that be ok?
teheelmao1 said:
New question, ive been noticing some scratches on the bolt, fairly deep, will that be ok?
Yeah, dont worry about the scratches... My UTG MK96 also has scratches on the bolt. It wont affect performance.
If you get extra holes in the bolt, that can be an issue, other than that, no.
You're having the same problem I had.. Try taking the stock of the gun off. Then try cocking the gun and see if its easier. For some reason, when I would tighten the two bolts to secure the stock it seems that it pulls the front of the gun down which causes somewhat of a kink between the bolt and the hopup. The way I fixed it is I would put the stock back on and slightly tighten the bolts until it would start. Then I would get some faom and put it under the barrel acting like a spacer in a sense, and that would help.. A little.. Also, with the stock connected, try pulling the bolt back, flip the gun over and look into the mag catch. You should be able to see the two adjustment screws for the pdi hopup. See if you cylinder head is rubbing on one of the bolts.. If so, problem solved.. Good luck..
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