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I have a Maruzen L96 that I have upgraded as much as I could. The following is my list of upgrades:
499mm 6.01mm PDI tightbore
3 PDI barrel spacers
PDI hop up unit
Prommy hard hop up bucking
PDI trigger sear
PDI set pin
PDI palsonite cylinder set with HD piston
PDI 380% spring
PDI end screw

My problem is I don't get any hop up what so ever when I fire my gun. It shoots very fast and accurate yet it doesn't give me any hop up at all. I use cleaned mad bull .4bbs that don't give me any trouble at all (at least after I clean them) and my barrel is completely clean. My friend has a UTG bar 10 thing and it out ranged me because it has amazing hop up...this made me cry. My bbs fly out a good ways but then just drop, with no sign of hop up. I set the hop up as much as it could go but I barely get any hop up. If anyone has some advice I would love to hear it. I think its the buckings fault but I can't be sure. My list of parts is above, so if there is a problem there, please tell me. Thanks for your help.

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agreed with bonzo promy red/hard buckings are hard in every sense of the word :-/

I used 1 once in my CA M24 pushing just over 500 fps and it still struggled to give good hop, I then tryed it in 1 of my +400 DMRs and hop was non existent, so I threw it in the bin :(

I'm fairly sure they are designed for +600 fps weapons :-/

I now use a Guarder Black/hard in my DMR and that seems to give good reasonably consistent hop :)

As for my bolty I swapped it for a VSR years ago ;)

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Put a TM or Systema soft bucking in it. With a soft bucking, it's inevitable that it's going to fail far sooner than a hard type bucking. Typically a soft bucking will last anywhere between 2-6 months depending on how often it's used. In my opinion, the $8-10 every couple of months is worth the more consistent shots that a soft bucking allows.
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