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So now that I have finished the modification to my gun, I made sure to document it so that other lefties will be able do it as well.

The tools that you need to have access to are:

  • A vice
  • A drill press with a half inch drill bit and a drill press vice
  • A high power dremel tool for cutting
  • A lower power dremel tool for touch-up sanding
  • A hacksaw
  • Liquid lubricant of some sort (not WD-40)
  • Safety glasses (use common sense for when to use them)
  • Millimeter ruler
  • Something to mark the cuts that need to be made on the receiver
  • Flat black spray paint
*Keep in mind that the bolt handle and receiver are made of a hardened aluminum alloy*

*Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any damage that may happen to any rifle and/or injuries that may occur during this conversion*

So let's get started.

1) First you're going to have to remove the safety that engages when you lift the bolt handle because if this is not removed, the safety will always be engaged when the bolt handle is on the left side. In order to fix this, you will need to open up your trigger box and take out these parts:

Then replace them without the part shown here and then put your trigger box back together. Since that hole will be open and exposed when the left side of the receiver is cut, you may want to cover it. Whether it be covering it with tape, gluing a cover on, filling in the hole, or leaving it wide open, it is entirely up to you, but I'd recommend some sort of cover.

2) *Be warned that there are a pieces that can fall out while disassembling your bolt, so do it somewhere where you can keep track of everything. Also remember to remove your spring, spring guide, and piston before disassembly* In this part you will be needing a drill press, a half inch drill bit, and a drill press vice to drill a larger hole in the bolt handle. If you try to just flip the bolt handle and reconnect the cylinder, you'll notice that it won't reconnect. This is due to a smaller, off center hole at the back of the bolt handle that will only fit when it's on the right side. To fix this you will need to set up the bolt handle to be drilled from the bottom and only down to about here:

Once you do that you should see that your bolt looks like the one shown here on the right. Use a dremel tool, if needed, to shave down any rough edges:

The bolt can now be reassembled on the left side, but don't forget to lube it up.

3) Now this step will be the hardest and longest part (took me about 45 minutes at least) so be very careful and precise. For this you will need a millimeter ruler or something that can measure millimeters/centimeters accurately. Use a vice to fixture the receiver, and a high power dremel tool (or milling machine, but not many people have one at their disposal, so we'll stick with the dremel) to make the cuts. *There are fragments that will fly off and hit you, it is nothing to worry about, just surprising at times, but I'd recommend wearing something to cover your arms that will not interfere with your work*

Here are the measurements that you will need to mark off:

As for the angled cuts that need to be made, just reflect the corners onto the left side and then connect the two marks together like so:

After marking all the measurements clearly, you are now ready to cut out what you marked off. Make sure you fixture the receiver vertically and cut starting with the angles. When doing this entire procedure, make sure to cut within the lines as you may find that you will tend to make a larger cut than you intended. You can always make it larger, but never smaller. Once you get to the bottom of the vertical angled cut, fixture it upside-down horizontally and start the cut from here:

The rectangular cut-out right under the markings on the under side of the receiver will have to go because it interferes with the bolt handle dropping all the way. Also, since it doesn't stretch across to the right cut, you will have to cut down to the box and then widen it to reach the right side indicated in this picture:

Once finished, you should have the shape you need to have for your bolt handle to fit. Sand down any edges jutting out using a lower power dremel tool with a sanding bit and then test to see if your bolt handle will fit. If it doesn't, make the necessary adjustments. Once your bolt handle fits nicely, make sure that there are no sharp edges and nothing obstructing the path of the cylinder and bolt handle.

4) Then clean off any residue from the receiver and prepare it for painting. You want to make sure to have a flat black as this will nearly match the original color of the receiver (unless you want to spray a camo on). When spraying, apply thin coat and make sure to cover parts that you just cut as well as the rest of the receiver to make it look new. I would also recommend not spraying inside the chamber as the paint may start to come off on the bolt and possibly affect performance when it comes to bolt pull (not a fact, just a fear)

5) Last step and for this, you will need a hacksaw. This is very simple, just find the spot where the handle drops on the stock body and cut from there until it's even with the metal part that holds the receiver in place. It should turn out to look like this:

If you may notice when you make the cut, there is a gap in between the metal and the plastic stock. If you look closely at the picture, you'll see that I have something in that gap. What I had done was I stuffed a bit of a foam grip inside to fill the gap.

The end result after everything should turn out like this:

If you have done these steps, congratulations, you now have a left handed L96 and you have chosen to have your gun change to fit you instead of you having to change to fit your gun. Enjoy the mod and happy sniping!

The Lefty

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I'm a little confused on the 2nd step along with the 3rd. On the 2nd step do you just drill the two holes where is says or something else, and on the 3rd step what part is it saying to do the cutting on. Thanks
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