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L96 Maruzen: URGENT HELP Project Build

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Well im new to the sniper world and am learning as i go. I need help building the best L96 Maruzen spring rifle which i define as great distance and accuracy.

I need help building the list of all the parts i need which i have an idea of what i need for the most part but would like experienced players in this fields opinnions.

One concern is im considering the PDI-Hop Up isntall, and need help with the R-hop i have heard about and its comptability and use if anyone has seen or done such a thing?

Any links with partsi should put in, and prices , and experience would be super helpful. As of now im looking at zero trigger boxes ora bore up kit, and cylinder. THen a PDI Hop up system, a prommy 6.03 barrel for the L96 followed up with what im most confused of how to go about is the R-Hop install and use to make sure i get that just right.

Note: Im sorry if this has been covered i have just read so much starting to hurt a bit lol, would like a just straight reply to me on what to do as there is so much info floating around on the web. If you have links to other forums that could help thanks, but id enjoy a written out response on here instead of more info sifting through forums. Thank you all again.
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Always start with the Hop up chamber, barrel, and trigger...
PDI Hop Up Chamber
High Quality barrel (PDI IMO) as for has been long argued about which is better...I personally have an EdGI 5.98 barrel and have no regrets shooting Madbull .40g out of it.
PDI V-Trig or Laylax equivalent...durability upgrade

Buckings: They say hard bucking...but I personally went with the PDI W-Bucking...despite that its soft you get better consistency and no time breaking it in. Depends on how hot you're shooting that will affect how long the bucking will last.

Nub: SCS Spacer

I went with the Raven Cylinder Set that came with spring guide + cyl + cyl head + piston...Unless you want to go with the Precision Set. The only setback is if you want to shoot hot, you cannot use the piston that comes with it (plastic) therefore cannot use the raven taper head as well (cone head not flat)...I'd use the stock cyl head and PDI HD Piston together with the set and save the rest for spare fallback.

Depends on how hot you want to shoot...I'm using a PDI SPR 250% and was shooting 590fps with .20s (for testing). But its your preference as long as its a 11mm spring because the spring guide was upgraded to 9mm.

This was through experience and its your choice whether or not to follow.

I followed this thread as my basis:
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I'm not too familiar with R-Hop...but from what I read the way it contacts with the BB is different.
Here's a thread:
another thing I'm skeptical about is that you have to modify the barrel thank you lol...spent good money on my barrel just for me not to do it myself...

I find better consistency with the soft bucking...the hard bucking is supposed to be more durable...I am running PDI W Bucking...and for still looks good last time i washed it.

It's your choice really...
Soft bucking - little to no break-in time, more consistent, more prone to ripping at high fps setups...
Hard bucking - lots of break-in time, less consistent

Do some research on which bucking you feel would be good...I originally went prommy hard first...but loved when i converted to PDI W.

As for 550...after all durability upgrades, it mostly comes down to the spring and the ID of the barrel
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inner 6.01 6.03 6.04
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