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L96 Maruzen: URGENT HELP Project Build

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Well im new to the sniper world and am learning as i go. I need help building the best L96 Maruzen spring rifle which i define as great distance and accuracy.

I need help building the list of all the parts i need which i have an idea of what i need for the most part but would like experienced players in this fields opinnions.

One concern is im considering the PDI-Hop Up isntall, and need help with the R-hop i have heard about and its comptability and use if anyone has seen or done such a thing?

Any links with partsi should put in, and prices , and experience would be super helpful. As of now im looking at zero trigger boxes ora bore up kit, and cylinder. THen a PDI Hop up system, a prommy 6.03 barrel for the L96 followed up with what im most confused of how to go about is the R-Hop install and use to make sure i get that just right.

Note: Im sorry if this has been covered i have just read so much starting to hurt a bit lol, would like a just straight reply to me on what to do as there is so much info floating around on the web. If you have links to other forums that could help thanks, but id enjoy a written out response on here instead of more info sifting through forums. Thank you all again.
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Well what about the R-Hop have you heard of that being used in the pdi hop up as it cause use a standard art barrel? Cause I have
Headed those can upgrade your accuracy 150ft max in some cases.

But this does sound like a good start and I'm aiming for 550fps and up so is a hard bucking the choice?
What's the ID mean I feel so dumb for not knowing this lol.
And I'll go soft bucking but I wanna research the R hop up cause it puts a better spin on the BB and battles easy to get I work at an Airsoft field lol but o mainly have just done AEG's.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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