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l96 Stock Dissembly

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Trying to take apart a UTG l96 stock so that I can get to work on it for a friend. I do not have the proper allen wrench to simply unscrew it, so I have to split the stock in half.

I have all the screws removed from the sides, but the stock won't budge. Any ideas? Am I missing something?


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Yes, precisely. I cannot do so by unscrewing the screws that are in the stock (2x).

But seconds after posting this, I was able to get it apart. Just needed to slowly pry it open with some manly fuzz force like you said.

Hope this helps someone else out down the road. At first I was unsure if the stock was glued shut or if I just wasn't using enough force.
It isn't glued or anything like that..... there are little pins inside the stock that keep it together.
Yeah, I knew that, but I half expected/thought that it was glued just because of the you know these clone rifles...lots of weird crap in em. :/

PS: Airsoftgi upgraded UTG l96 is awful...just awful... I am working on the gun right now and the cylinder unit is a POS! Plus the trigger unit snapped in pieces and is currently zip tied together and being glued as a last attempt before it hits the side of the garbage can.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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