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L96 trigger box question

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Ok, so I am getting a blank wooden stock for my l96. I will be cutting out all the holes and such.

I am wondering, I will need some sort of trigger guard for the gun, but on the l96 trigger, some random pin is just sticking out. Would cutting the pin off effect the performance of the gun? I know the pin is used at the TOP of the trigger box to guide the spring, so would removing the bottom end effect the gun in any way?

If you still are not sure, refer to this pic:

I want to remove the bottom portion of the set pin.

If it turns out that I cannot remove it, what would you suggest I do as a trigger guard for the gun?
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I have a faux mag on my gun, looks great. Do it. Just make sure to get an m14 if the stock is the same size as the original as .338 magazines won't fit well.
However if you are making the wooden stock using your own dimensions use whatever floats your boat! :)
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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