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L96 Trigger Mech Replacement?

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Hello ASF!

So I began work on a customers Mauser SR (Rebranded UTG L96) today. He was having issues with Slam Firing, so I assumed he had worn down his First Sear and would need a common replacement part. I took the gun down, did some Teflon Mods, then moved to the Trigger Mech to take a look at the damage. Much to my surprise, both of his Sears were in pristine condition. After I removed the Trigger Mech from the body, I found the issue. The shell of his rigger Mech is was broken in 3 places with a missive crack running the entire width of the shell.

To get to my point, I need to find a replacement Maruzen L96 Trigger Mech. I have surfed teh interwebz for about 20 mins looking for the cheapest option, (excluding the stock Trigger Mech which is complete garbage) and I cant find anything that wouldn't break the bank. I am aware of the Laylax Zero Trigger at $200, but I don't want to ask a backyard shooter to put down 200% his initial investment just on a repair.

Does ayone know if you can buy the stock Trigger Mech from the Maruzen anywhere? Are there any other options?

Thanks for your time!

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Leapers (UTG) in Livonia MI sells the shells for $14. Shoot them an email.
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