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L96 Upgrade Problems!

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Hey guys,

Upgrading my UTG L96 APS-2 has run into a problem: my Angel Custom hop-up unit (which is the exact same as the PDI unit) is causing the gun to totally misfire. The only thing I did not replace is the bucking. When I install the nub and try to fire, I get a dead, flat sound and the BB stays in the gun. I posted a YouTube video to demonstrate the exact problem here:
Without the nub and arms, the gun fires just fine, so I know the bolt system and trigger are all working.

I know lots of people are going to tell me to scrap the AC hop-up unit even though it looks the same as PDI, but there should be a profile difference looking down the barrel with the nub and without it, especially with the gun misfiring. I checked and I can't see any difference. Any suggestions are welcome as I am at a loss for what to do.
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Have you tried loading one bb into your magazine, then racking the bolt back again to fire? Since your gun is firing when the mag isn't in, maybe the hop-up unit is getting moved around by the mag.

Other than that, double check your airseal with your old hop-up to make sure it isn't some other part. Either way, you've convinced me to stay away from the Angel Custom hop-up unit >:D
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