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Hi I'm new to this web site but have been doing airsoft for 2 years but want to know if the L96 sniper rifle is a good gun to use and also if anyone lives in SO CA?
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Do a search next time. Eventually I'm going to get tired of answering these questions (and all the other regulars already have), and then you guys will be out of luck.

Plain and simple, L96 isn't enough information. Maruzens are good, clones are not. Upgrades make a big difference. Are you talking about the real steel or airsoft (lol)?
Vindi politely suggested that your $80 clone can't shoot anywhere close to on par with the $700+ guns that are fully upgraded.

And he's right, it can't. You *say* your unupgraded, unmodified, CLONE L96 will shoot 150 to 200 feet. At 150 I'm sure you can get a torso shot
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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