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Hi I'm new to this web site but have been doing airsoft for 2 years but want to know if the L96 sniper rifle is a good gun to use and also if anyone lives in SO CA?
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see my buget is$85 dollars at the most for a gun! because I girlfriend will kill me if I spend any more! but it looks pretty good for the money!
see I'm not good at taking apart airsoft guns and putting them back together or upgrading them!!
I'm going to buy a used L96 with scope for $80 it's only been used for a month in some kids backyard.
I would have to say that's just crazy to spend $550 or more on a airsoft gun! it's a fun game and I under stand why to spend the most $300 on a saw, but any more is just not worth it because you mite as well buy a real gun for that price! you guys are free to spend your money the way you want, but for me that's just to much! I still think the AGM L96 bolt action sniper rifle I ordered is great for the money and worth every penny!
their are very few people in my area that have gotten close to spending that type of money on a gun, but if you get shot before you even see him then you shouldn't be spending a lot of money on a gun, you should start getting better at looking for snipers; a L96 can shot at about 150-200 feet. vindicareassassin I have gone right ahead and I don't believe it's a good gun "I know it's a good gun" . In airsoft no matter how much you upgrade it still will only at the most will shot at 100 yards if your lucky, so vindicareassassin cut the attitude I'm not saying anything bad about airsoft or the people that play it! I'm just saying I would not spend that type of money, remember money can't buy you skills.
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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