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Hi I'm new to this web site but have been doing airsoft for 2 years but want to know if the L96 sniper rifle is a good gun to use and also if anyone lives in SO CA?
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Well.. All I can really say here is check out the other threads that are already up in this area on the L96. Chances are that you'll have best luck there in looking at exact models and such. As always we try to push that Maruzen and Tanaka are the best bets as far as strength and a great platform to start throwing upgrades into (Well... Tanaka not so much, seeing as they are gas rifles).

If you want to see lists on upgrade sheets or what exactly does what. Check out the Maruzen section and read a few sections.
Well... Sniping in airsoft is an expensive thing to do, if you want high power and more than pristine accuracy, then you have to dish out cash. It's my understanding you have a L96 already, so if you've got $85.00 I'd reccomend picking up a DB Custom Tightbore. If I'm not mistaken I believe the length is 495mm, and if you need help installing it you can just let me know and I'll slap it on for you once you get it.

Here is a link to the page:
Oh... So it's my understanding you don't yet have a rifle? In that case, if $85 is all you got. Then I guess you're stuck to go with that. Because you won't find a miracle laser beam shooting weapon for under $550.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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