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Lancer Tactical/AGM FAL Carbine

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Does anybody know if this gun is any good? I am considering it for my next DMR build. I know it has a v3 gear box, and a AK length inner barrel, so it could be upgraded to suit a DMR role. If I decide to get this I will probably post a review for the stock performance. If anyone doesn't know about which gun I am talking about here's the link:
Lancer Tactical Full Metal FAL Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun by: Lancer
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They just got these in at the Richmond gi store.... It felt the EXACT same as my echo 1 Sof 3!! Same mags too. I don't know if the internals match up tho. Externally, I couldn't tell a difference at all.
Yeah the guys in the store were pushing them hard... I would've picked one up had they been in stock when I got my echo 1...
Well my sof 3 had a full metal rack piston in it, roller bearing spring guide, and the shim job wasn't too bad. It could've had other things ,but it's been some time since I pulled mine apart. I think they also come factory with a madbull blue bucking in them. I would venture to guess lancers stuff isn't quite as nice internally but I could be way wrong.
All FAL mids are proprietary, king arms, classic army, etc. so far there are only high caps for the echo 1 and I'm assuming the lancer as the mags look identical at first glance.
Yep that's just like my echo 1 mags. I got my hi caps off of Evike. They have the windup keyhole on the side, they feed ok, but not as good as the factory mags.
1 - 5 of 15 Posts
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