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Late night boredom

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So, I sandwiched together a few 3/4'' sheets of foam and spent the past couple hours carving this out. Still needs a cheek piece to be carved and the trigger opening to be finished being dug out. Worth glassing over and putting something in it or just toss aside and consider as a fun experience?

Liked the look of Sako Finnfire's or Tikka Master Sporters. Mainly were I got the curves of this from.
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Since it is the dense insulation foam, with the epoxy that is holding the sandwhich together, it's already strong enough as is to not break in half.
After some cloth and glass, it will be far more durable than any of the bondo jobs seen.
Eh, I decided to just throw it away. I might make another based on actual measurements instead of, "Yea that looks about right" type work.
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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