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Laylax 150 spring or 190 spring? I need help

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Hey, I have an l96 that I need a spring upgrade for. I already have a full metal trigger box because the plastic stock one broke, and I already have a metal spring guide and cylinder.

I cannot use evike for problems with payment, so I have to use airsoftgi.

The only two springs on airsoftgi I like are the laylax 150 spring and the laylax 190 spring. I really wanted the 170, but they don't have it.

I will be using .36g bbs.

I bought the utg upgrade kit to get the rod, guide, and a spring as well. But I don't think the spring is powerful enough to fire .36g bbs. I am out of town for 2 weeks and i ordered the upgrade set, and cannot test the power of the spring included in the set, but I know it does not give a significant boost.

So I am wondering, will the 150 spring work with .36g bbs where the stock spring cannot, and is the 150 spring the same power of spring usedin the utg upgrade kit. If the 150 spring is not a good option, I know the 190 spring will work perfect for .36g bbs, but I am worried that it might be a bit too high of fps.

Thank you for the long read, and I appreciate any help.

edit: I found a 170 spring on red wolf airsoft for a bit higher of a price. Still need help deciding
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The 150 spring should give you around 460-500 fps (depending on other factors), which should be high enough to use .36's with. I would stay away from the 190 because unless you have upgraded the sears and not just the housing, the trigger would most likely break. Although the 150 spring would be strong enough, im not sure you absolutely need it. Form what i've heard, the utg kit comes with a spring that is actually very similar to an m170. Laylax is a good company that you will probably want to get in the end, but if an m170 is what you want, I wouldn't compromise for something you don't want (150 or 190).
You could also try looking on other websites such as airsoft atlanta, airsplat, or LA wings inc. if you take a look you might find what your looking for, for a more reasonable price than on red wolf.

Hope this helped
it did help

I was able to find a 170 spring on another website, but it is way more expensive then on airsoft gi. So will the utg upgrade kit suffice for .36g bbs? I have a lack of money in my paypal and would like to have money left over.

Also, I didn't exactly buy the utg upgrade kit. I bought a similar one off airsplat that is for the same l96 but a bit cheaper.

Here is the link:

It is essentially the same thing ( I think ) as the picture is almost exactly the same except it looks like an employee went on microsoft paint and simply pushed the image around a bit.
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Yes i believe this kit will work for .36's nicely. The spring looks to be almost an m170 It's not the most high quality kit, so the spring will loose its power fairly quickly (within several thousand shots). Eventually you will need to get a better spring, but for now that kit should be adequate.
ok thanks, but do you think it would be practical to buy a laylax 190 spring, or might it be too powerful?
masterjuggler, would you recommend I buy a 150 spring, 190 spring, or use the one in the upgrade kit for .36g bbs?
I am not worried about field regulations right now, I normally play with massive groups of friends. I just needed to know whether the utg upgrade kit would be powerful enough to propel a .36g airsoft bb 200ft or will I need a 150 or 190 laylax spring?
Ok thanks. But is the utg upgrade spring the same as a 150 spring? If it is, I rather just not spend the money on a 150 spring.

Also, If the utg upgrade spring will work well for .36g bbs, I am thinking about buying the r-hop mod instead.
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