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Laylax PSS10 Zero Trigger , Need Help!

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Hey Guys!

Long story short my Laylax Zero Trigger is currently a pile of pins and bearings. I just searched for at least a half hour for an Exploded View or a take down guide, but I couldn't find either. Could anyone link me to one? I know this seems like "lazy" topic but I genuinely cannot find an Exploded View and I'm going to go crazy.

Thanks in advance!

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I read on ASR that once taken apart, it is useless....

Why in Gods name did you take it apart?
I've had it in pieces and put it back together again. I mainly looked at where the sides of the trigger box had been scratched by something. However, I did put something in the wrong order because since then it hasn't been working correctly, but that is just due to too much friction barring the trigger sear return spring from returning the trigger sear to battery.
Mgunner, one of the Bearings that sit on the Pins had cracked and I wanted to replace it.

awagg, thanks man. I sent him a PM.

mroverkill, I've got it back together twice, but something's just not right. I'm trying to find a reference picture or someone who will take one to ensure I get it right.

Thanks for the help so far guys.
Oh. Knowing you, i would have figured you did it for shits and giggles. X]

What doesnt seem right?
It's not impossible to get back together, just don't attempt to do it like I did on the field...... X_X
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