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Laylax Zero Trigger, New SG-stopper?

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Heyo mates.
i have a slight problem here, and i thought here would be the right place to ask.

Well. I bought a Zero trigger system from a friend. well, i got it for really low price... almost free. Only problem on this system, It's missing a Spring guide stopper. So, Where could i get one of these to complete my Zero trig.?
Is it possible to replace it with a regular style SG-stopper, or does it require it's own SG-stopper?

Any advice and hints would be extremely helpful.
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i am not positive, but i think that they sell them at redwolf. i will tr to get a link.
What model of rifle? laylax makes zero triggers for the vsr-10, L96, and aps-2.
i am guessing that it is the vsr because this is the vsr forum section. :) i am sorry, but i couldn't find the link. :(
Still missing.
A Q. for anyone who has this trigger system -> how much difference is there, between the original style SG-stopper and the Laylax Zero SG-stopper?
So that could it be possible to modify one out of a original style sear?
Ah, stupid of me...I was just browsing recent posts and didn't look at the section ;)

Here's the redwolf link if you end up trying it:

It's made by laylax, so it could honestly be for either one. I kind of doubt they're selling replacement parts on the zero-trigger system, though. Best of luck!
Well, I'll try that out, and see if it works ^^.

Thanks for the help =)
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