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Adjusting for windage since 2001


Ive been playing actively since 2001. I have done everything from saw gunner to assaulter, and its too easy/ no real reward in the game for me. I switched to the shooter role and never looked back. Its just more rewarding to pick off a fireteam leader at 240' and watch the fireteam death blossom all over the place.

I have owned countless SWS/DMR platforms. Most of them Ive build from the ground up and were built to hit cans at 180.' I used to buy and hoard Tanakas. Chances are if your tanaka was used it probably came from me. Ive gone through 10 plus new tanakas and God knows how many used. As a result I take blood thinners for all the heart attacks/ aneurysms they have caused me at the work bench. My current project is converting a G&G L96 over to a MCmillian tac 308. I will be dropping the G96 into a tac 308 stock. I already have a living will in place, and a revolver at said table, 2 bullets due to facial droop and arm drift. (im kidding)
While most people saying sniping in airsoft isnt effective, the majority of people who say that:
A) Dont shoot at long range
B) Dont use concealment effectively
C) their guns perform like shit and rely on rof over accuracy.
D) Never seen a effective sniper team in action

At Fort Drum my shooter and I held a OP against 2 squads for 1 hour. All the AEGs, PVS14s, SAWs and death blossoms in the MOUT facility couldnt do shit against 20 well placed shots at distance behind cover with good concealment.
Ether way sniping is the only thing keeping interested in airsoft. Everything else is just too easy for me. Heres a fraction of the collection. Just the stuff I care about.

Ghillie: (I make them for fun) This was a 5 hour job. I rushed it for a event. If I had more time it would have turned out MUCH better.

15 ft

8 FT

Sniper team 1

Mout DMR loadout

Long distance

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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