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Hi everyone,

Per the forum rules here is my introduction thread as I have been reading as a guest for several months now but is at that point where I might need to start asking questions of my own.

  • Name: Jamie
  • Callsign: none, online handles are shonen (older), aotsukisho (newer), digitalcomplex (joint community of local circle of friends/enthusiasts)
  • Experience: new to airsoft - never fielded anything yet but did a lot of plinking, with extensive tangentally related hobby knowledge
  • Arsenal:
    • Umarex Walther PPQ - first taste of airsoft in the form of a springer plinker
    • G&G GR16 Raider-L first gen - first basic AEG, got used to save money
    • KWA TK.45c - impulse purchase last month due to looks, no regrets. RIS changed and barrels extended to 510mm - is a .45 cal LBR looked down upon? lol
    • Classic Army AR-10 - I like the real gun so I chose it for starting my EDMR project platform
  • Camo: none
  • Other hobbies: PCs/gaming, RC, Nerf, electronic circuit design/work, automotive
  • Location: Hawaii

Probably due to a wealth of free time earlier in life I have been dabbling with hobby electronics and motor systems ever since I learned how to solder and design circuits in high school classes. My flywheel Nerf projects were fairly close to airsoft in terms of electronics, with 2s/3s lipo driving brushed motors and I can see basic parallels in common airsoft accessories like mosfets/electronic trigger protection with my automotive relay trigger bypasses and back-EMF diodes over the motors. I've been working with lithium chemistry batteries and brushless motors in 1:27/1:18/1:10/1:8 RC since 2008 or so, and doing extensive customization projects thanks to some basic but versatile power tools like Dremels, hand drills, and a drill press.

I am hoping to assist people with questions in my area of expertise, I'm glad there's a lot of overlap in terms of fundamental knowledge (how to care for different chemistry batteries, gear meshing/shimming, electrical circuit laws, ferrous vs neodymium, etc.) even if I am getting used to what they are called in this hobby - like how a MOSFET is considered colloquial for an electronic generally-programmable gearbox motor controller when they are really just electronic switching components, compared to the generally-programmable "ESC" (electronic speed controller) in RC.

I am grateful that this relatively niche and unique forum contains critically helpful niche and unique information for my apparently very niche and somewhat unique CA AR-10 long range AEG project, along with more general specific information that I can use in all of my builds. I am avoiding pressurized penumatic systems for now, and hopefully I can trade my electronics knowledge for some in areas I am unfamiliar with as I make progress.

Thank you to everyone here who furthers a deeper understanding by sharing experiences and innovations with anyone worldwide who is willing to listen.
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