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Leapers 4-16x50

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Hey guys!
I have decided to write a review of my Leapers 4-16x50 scope, for some reason not many people have reviewed it. Those who did, well, they're condescending real steel shooters where nothing less than Nikon will do :p
Lets start with whats in the package. This scope arrived in plastic container than seemed to hold the scope and contents very well. In here you will find a 3" removable sunshade and flip up lens covers. While I feel this is scope is built very well, the front lens cap's spring isn't strong enough and keeps moving out of position so that it moves around. Not so fun, so I took it off, but no biggy. Also in the kit you will also get a lens cloth and high profile scope mounts. Something to say about these, they are simply the best I have seen. They are very easy to screw on and off the rail, they use 4 screws instead of 2 to connect the top and bottom halves to clamp the scope, and they just feel sturdy.
Now the externals of this scope. It is made out of a nice anodized aluminum and looks and feels very robust. As it has not seen heavy use (yet), it is still in pretty good condition. Judging from my last Leapers/UTG scope of the same finish, it may scratch easily if you really try. Just by looking at it, you will notice three adjustment turrets. These include windage and elevation (But for airsofters, up and down :hehe:) and a third to adjust Illumination, this is also where the battery is stored. The adjustment turrets are very easy to change zero and is very easy to reset. These also lock using a friction knob. It features an Adjustable Object lens and it magnifies from 4x to 16x.
Which brings us into the "internals." As I just mentioned, it zooms from 4x to 16x, that is where we get the term "4-16" in "4-16x50." The 50 means the objective lens is 50mm wide, which supposedly gathers more light. I found that my Leapers 4x32 has a bigger picture downrange than this 50mm scope does, a little puzzling. Anyway, unlike other high-zoom scopes, this one magnifies very well at all times. However, at 15-16x, you may notice the scope getting a little "milky." The lens are very clear as well. The illumination system has 5 levels of brightness for both green and red. There is a somewhat noticable difference between all the levels of brightness, however if you plan on using this at night, the level 5 of red will be powerful enough to be seen 200 feet away looking into the front of the scope like an enemy would. It looks like a cute little laser pointer...
I got this scope specifically for my KJW M700, which outgrew the fixed 4x zoom once it hit 300' at a 6" grouping... I really like the look of it on M24s and M700s because the 50mm scopes just look natural on those wider and bigger bodies. However, once placed on my VSR, well, it takes up the entire space between the trigger and the end of the stock. Didn't look so good. Heres what is looks like on my KJW M700, obviously painted.

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Hi, I own the 3-9x50, which, when reviewed, would basically be along the same lines as yours except for the zoom level. On mine, it came with Leapers manual but has Centerpoint markings in it. I looked around and they seem to be from the same factory. It could be mine is a replica.

Anyways, mine also came with parallax setting which you can turn to get focus (could probably explain the milky vision in your scope?). The neat thing about it is that it is based on distance, so, you can use it to guess what distance you're looking at.

When playing though, I usually set the parallax at its infinite distance position so that I can see better across all zoom level without having to change the parallax setting.

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Yeah I usually have my parallax at around 100 yards, I found on this scope if you go infinity, they really mean out to about 500 yards where it gets unblurry. In most budget scopes with high zoom (NcStar, Leapers, AIM, Tasco, etc.) getting blurry and/or milky at higher zooms is somewhat normal due to the quality of the lenses, you really do get what you pay for when you purchase from Leopold or Nikon.
Just added a 10 mm thick printed lens protector yesterday. Still trying different 3D designs (final version will be 20 mm thick minimum).
Interestingly, the diameter of the lens is not 50 mm, but 56 mm (or 56,4 mm to be precised).
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Looks cool! How is the view through the scope?
I just made a 5mm lexan protection for my scope. So I still need some kinda kill flash for it. You have eliminated that problem for yourself. :)

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An excellent way to protect your scope is to purchase a killflash/ARD, install it on the objective, and then place a flip-up cap over it.

I personally use a Leupold 40mm ARD with a Butler Creek flip-up cap on the objective and a Butler Creek Blizzard cap on the eyepiece.

Leupold ScopeSmith Lens Shade ARD 40mm Anti-Reflection Device f/ VX-II,VX-III Scopes - 52292 52292. Leupold Riflescope Accessories.

Butler Creek Products

Great review! What is the battery life for the illuminated reticle?
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@Lirimacora: The view through the scope when compared with and without the protector is the same (no visible obstruction at any zoom level).

It is visibly dimmer though, but not that much (I am only guesstimating, but during the day, there's probably less than 5% brightness diference, but at night, the difference could probably be around 10%ish).

I made the gaps to be just small enough that bbs won't be able to go through. At 20 mm thickness, you should only have a very small angle/window where the other side can see any reflection from the lens (assuming they use some sort of light to search for it). Still testing wheter it can withstand direct bb impact on it. The 5 mm thick version failed on the joints of the protector.

@airsoftmaniacman: I kept forgetting to turn off the illumination, so, battery only lasted me around 4 games (about a month).

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I usually dont use the illumination simply because at night it can really give you away. But if I do use it, its because I am aiming at something dark colored so I can't see my reticle. It's usually turned on for one shot then turned off, so its lasted me a pretty long time.
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