I have used this sniper for the past two years now, and have put probably close to ten-thousand rounds of .43 bio LT bbs through this. There is little cosmetic damage; only one screw has broken( one of the two on the trigger guard) but it wasn't a needed screw and the trigger guard has since been super-glued to the stock. Also the stock spring-guide stopper broke when I first got it and I have since modified another spring guide to serve in its place. It goes right where the original was, only I have put a strip of gorilla tape to ensure it doesn't fall out when disassembling.” Also the barrel has been un-bridged to allow the use of my action army hop up unit and bucking. This rifle has been converted to left hand, given a patina finish( an old, used look), and the stock has been painted a dark, olive green. It can easily be switched back to right hand by unscrewing the bolt handle and switching it around, however I have sealed up the bolt groove on the right-hand side. The bolt pull is not the smoothest, but I don't find it to be any issue. This was originally an EMG Barrett Fieldcraft that has since been fully upgraded and modified to shoot with great range and accuracy. It still has the 6.03mm stainless steel inner barrel(un-bridged to use the AA Hop up unit and ML bucking), steel fluted cylinder, spring guide, 90 degree zero trigger(adjustable with the small Philips head screw in the back of the trigger box), and the removable orange tip(only a small screw holds it in place). I believe the threads are 14mm negative. It has been upgraded with the action army hop up unit, a relatively new 60 degree maple leaf bucking, maple leaf concave nub, simple TDC, Zero-Friction Piston kit, and a new action army m170 spring. I use .43 LT Bio bbs in this, and have had great results. I have had a couple confirmed hits out past 100 yards( measured with range finder), and tons of hits within the 210-240 foot range. This will come with the 25rd black vsr10 magazine, a clear AA 50rd vsr10 magazine, and whatever .43 LT bio bbs I have left(~100rds). I am hoping to get ~350$ from this, but will be willing to compromise to a different price or trade for a left hand silverback SRS.

I am willing to pay for shipping within the US, but outside of that its all on the buyer. I'll ship it with it disassembled with the upper receiver taken out of the stock. Also in an interesting box that should give someone a good laugh!! I hope someone finds this interesting, maybe one of you fellow lefties out there, and decides this gun seems like a good option.

(P.S. I have more photos if someone wants)