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Left-handed horizontal molle holster

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Specific, eh?

When I switch to pistol, I always do so with my left-handed (as I find it easier to shoot with) and I was looking to get a molle holster for my tac vest to fit on my right hand side (as to draw with my left).
This is becoming a problem as I can't seem to find such a holster anywhere, and the only ones I can find are for compact pistols! Which, of course, would be fine if I wasn't running around with the beast that is a TM Mk23..

Has anyone had a similar issue? I'm looking for something similar to this:
Condor HT Holster Black

But, of course, for left-handed people.
I don't know anyone who can make Kydex holsters around here and I believe it might be beyond my skills.

Any ideas?

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I'm working on getting a serpa for my g18. You can run it on a molle plate and then adjust it to the best angle for your draw. has the best prices I've seen on them. Just be sure it says left handed. Not sure if they have mk23s though :shrug:
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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