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Left-handed L96 bolt conversion.

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Does anyone know of someone who has converted their L96 from right handed to left handed? I'm having some issues and I need to talk to someone who has successfully done this before.
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It takes some filing, but it's not too bad. What do you need?
It's great to know that someone else has done this. Do you have pictures by any chance? So the issues im having are: I can't seem to insert the cylinder after switching the bolt handle over. Also, how did you solve the problem of the loose bolt handle when cycling the bolt back since the pins that hold the handle in place is on the other side?
No pics, sorry. It wasn't mine though, it was for a friend who has since sold it.

I didn't have that issue, but I would check for rubbing. So, put a thin layer of something on there, and then see where it rubs off and file that down. For the loose bolt, I just put a washer in there, and that worked nicely.
Alright, I found the issue, apparently the hole is not centered in the bolt handle as seen here:

So I'll probably either file that down or just run a drill press with a slightly larger drill bit through it. Which one would you suggest I do? Also, I'm a bit confused about the whole washer part. How does that work and where would I put it?

Sorry, if the pictures are a bit large
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Go to the gallery section and go to the very last page, like 14 or 16. Look for Livonia's thread, he has converted his successfully to left hand with pictures! It's a shame he's not around that much no more :shrug:

I would say drill press. As for the washer, anywhere is fine, you just want to spacer it a bit.
Alright, thanks for the help guys.
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