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Left-handed sniper...need help w rifle/gear

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background info:
Hello...i am a noob to airsoft...although i have lots of experience with real guns...i own a real...m1 garand...and ar-15...and several hunting rifles/shotguns.
i am left handed.

I want to buy a left handed bolt action airsoft sniper rifle...most likely spring operated....just because i read on here that that is the most common...but also ...i really don't want to have to keep buying batteries or worry about charging them or...buying new gas and refilling and what springs are nice for me ;p.
also i want to be able to shoot very accurately at long distances...hence the word sniping...and obviously while not spending too much cash. i have about 350 bucks in cash saved up although i would gladly spend a lot less than that!....if i can shoot 80-90 yards accurately...this would be very happy times...but...if not...well id like to know the next best. also it would be nice if it was built using durable materials...i hate really cheap plastic!

FPS/spring kits to buy?
i have no idea how fps works and what is best for what i want ...and the spring to use...also what pellet sizes to buy for what i want to do...although i did find this on the forum and i have a question about it...SPR 380% - 600's....the question is...well does higher fps mean longer distance? better accuracy? this is probably a retorical question...because i know it means feet per second...although i just want to make sure i get the right thing....also let me know if i buy what u suggest...if/what trigger mechanism i will need to buy along with it...or watever it was called...

alright so...i will need a nice scope to go along with the rifle! unless the rifle i get comes with a scope package?! any recommendations?...or should i ask this after i pick a rifle?!

i am fine with the way the model 700 looks or also the BAR 10 or L96....although it would be very nice to get something that is different....i do love a lot of old military rifles...such as Mosin Nagant, Mauser, Lee Enfield....those should all be bolt guns....although i am very fond of the way some of the semi snipers look...these interest me but...i will only buy a bolt gun...but anyways heres the semi's i like...M21, m14, m1 garand, sks, dragonuv, barret .50.....although looks are not very important to me ;0
heres some cool real bolt action rifles
Mosin nagant

Lee Enfield


Actually i don't think i really want a silencer...i would actually enjoy if the gun made some noise ;)....i know this is horrible for snipers we rely on stealth...other than that is there any real important reason why i NEED one? like are you spotted right away if you don't have a silensor?and also...i know silencers are illegal for real guns in california....will this be a problem for airsoft guns?

Side arms:
Any suggestions for a good sidearm?...just no full-auto's please!

If i have any money left over i was thinking about buying a burlap guille suit...or trying to make my own...any suggestions? this a necessity?

im sorry i know that is a ton of questions...i did read the forum for about 4 hours before i posted this...and i found answers well suited to other people but...they weren't left handed...and...didn't give the same details as i figured...well might as well play it safe

any suggestions are welcome...just make sure its...left handed....bolt action...spring operated....well then its not "Any" suggestion but...haha o well......any help i can get is much appreciated!
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Hi there and welcome to the forums m8! =) First of all, spite the fact I'm NOT a MOD YET =D, I recommend to clean up posts and grammar. I'm not an literature enthusiastic but we folks on this forum have a habit to like clean text. =D Otherwise a nice post, adorable pictures too. ^^

Hmm... Either I'm blind or you didn't mention that are your guns live or deactivated? Since you can mod up a real rifle, like those in your pictures, into airsoft versions. But in that case I suggest help from another guy (I prefer any local (my m8s =D) when I need something exotic. =D) with some expertise from the field. I reckon it could come out pretty cheap actually, since you already have the gun. Talking about 200-300 euros, I think. =D
To my knowledge there is no existing stock rifle that comes in a left handed variant. My advice is to just look into seeing if you can't mod a rifle to make it work.
One thing you could do is get a typical rifle and bipod, and operate the bolt with your right hand while your left hand does all the firing (you aim with left eye :) ). It increases the speed as you don't need to move your firing hand back into position. Just like in the film Shooter. Only downside is that its slower to operate when on the move. Though you can check out how the sniper (or should I use Marksman) in the film Saving Private Ryan does it. I'm left handed (so I can't use the L85) but I'm used to using a normal bolt action rifle. Its all practice.
don't know if you are still looking mate but on airsoft GI there is a bolt action rifle that you can buy a left handed conversion kit for. It is called the echo1 ARS. In total it will cost you about 130 bucks for the sniper and the conversion kit
Hey will, you should go post an introduction post before on of the mods catches you.
Cheese Man (A guy on the forums here) can make your rifle left-handed for you!

Edit: Woah! Just seen this was made in 2008...
I thought the king arms blaser r93 can be changed to with no modding. Can anyone confirm this?

I am here:
- A.K.A "FD" or "Krew"
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