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Left-handed sniper rifle mod(Thanks to TheBauer)

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Here's a quick post for lefties that need some help with modding their VSR-10's or BAR-10's. This guide was originally done by TheBauer on his website, but he took down his entire site. Anyways, I will try to explain the mod in the simplest means possible. Basically, you'll being modding the bolt handle, the receiver, and the stock.

1. The bolt handle:

First, go ahead and remove you bolt handle assembly. It should look like the parts below. If you look on your unmodded bolt handle, you'll see a few structures that stick out, but are no longer there on mine. I simply removed those with a dremel.

2. The Receiver

Next, this is the most important part. The key to dremmeling this part is to make the slot on receiver slightly farther up than on the right side of the receiver (you can see this on the picture below). Doing so, will allow your cylinder head nozzle to sit farther in the hop up unit, preventing air loss.

If you notice my slot, I made it slightly too big. Just try to make it a small as possible to eliminate any possible problems. I have no problems as it is below.

3. The Stock

Basically you want to make the slot on the left side, but slight farther up the stock if you compare it to the pre-existing slot on the right side of the stock. This is due to the new slot on the receiver being farther up.

Finally, fill the right side. I used QuikSteel epoxy putty. It has worked for me for over 2 years and running.

End product:

The pleasure was mine.

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I am left-handed but had to learn to wield a weapon right-handed for the SA80 and now I'm a right handed shooter!
I still shoot my Glock left-handed though. :p
I'm exactly the same! I am a full left-hander when it comes to almost all every-day activites. I used to shoot small-bore in a club and in Air Cadets, followed by the L98 Cadet GP also at cadets. They all demanded that you shoot right-handed because you weren't allowed to eject hot brass across your face.

Later when I started competitive air-rifle shooting I tried both right and left handed rifles and couldn't get on with the left-handers at all, however when it comes to pistols and AEGs I am still 100% left-handed.

The only trouble I have nowadays is when I use optics my hands favour the right-handed rifles, but my right-eye isn't as keen as my left, something I am just working on through practice.
It's much harder for a righty to learn to do something with their left hand. Lefties are used to it, but righties have never needed to learn something in reverse.
I don't exactly agree with this, there are not actually THAT many "handed" items in the world that require us lefties to spend our lives constantly adapting. Scissors are the main one I guess, I learned to use right-handed scissors from an early age but that's the only example I can think of off the top of my head proir to my getting interested in guns.

Other than that there are rifles which I found very difficult to adapt to. Pistols which I still cannot adapt to, to the extent that I find it easier to work the right-handed controls on a pistol such as the mag-release, slide release etc with my left hand, than adapt to shooting the whole gun right-handed...

Things like screw-drivers, ratchets, hammers and the like are situational and I would say that I find it just as hard to operate a screw-driver in my right hand than a right handed person does using it in their left hand, although anyone, lefty OR righty who shares a hobby of mechanics or such-like will know that there are great advantages of being able to use ALL your omni-handed tools in both hands!

As far as the left-eye, right-eye thing is concerned after some experimentation I found that it wasn't the actual ability of my right eye that was at fault, more that it felt un-natural closing the left. In the air-rifle competitions I used to use a shield which was just an opaque piece of plastic sticking out the left side of the diopter sight which allowed me to see through the sight without closing my left eye. I think I might try and rig something similar to my airsoft sniper as long as I can do it without making it too ridiculous or unweildy!
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Hmm... we might have to agree to disagree there Juggler, I know as many left-handed people who use the mouse in their left hand as ones who adapt to using it with the right.

As a left-hander with 32 years of experience I can't think of anything other than the scissors (I can't use left-handed scissors btw, I have to use right-handed scissors in my left hand) and the previously discussed weaponry that I have had to adapt to using in my right hand...

Rubiks I did try that, but it's not QUITE to my liking. The cover is slightly too small, and as you say this means you have to be a bit too close to the scope, and also the spring that pings it open is pretty much unwound once it's all the way open so it flaps back and hits me in the face! I could use it as a push, but imo marksmanship is a lot about removing anything that is uncomfortable in order to clear your mind and find "xen" so I might have to mod something up (or just go around with my left-eye closed until I am used to it) >:D
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