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Left-handed sniper rifle mod(Thanks to TheBauer)

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Here's a quick post for lefties that need some help with modding their VSR-10's or BAR-10's. This guide was originally done by TheBauer on his website, but he took down his entire site. Anyways, I will try to explain the mod in the simplest means possible. Basically, you'll being modding the bolt handle, the receiver, and the stock.

1. The bolt handle:

First, go ahead and remove you bolt handle assembly. It should look like the parts below. If you look on your unmodded bolt handle, you'll see a few structures that stick out, but are no longer there on mine. I simply removed those with a dremel.

2. The Receiver

Next, this is the most important part. The key to dremmeling this part is to make the slot on receiver slightly farther up than on the right side of the receiver (you can see this on the picture below). Doing so, will allow your cylinder head nozzle to sit farther in the hop up unit, preventing air loss.

If you notice my slot, I made it slightly too big. Just try to make it a small as possible to eliminate any possible problems. I have no problems as it is below.

3. The Stock

Basically you want to make the slot on the left side, but slight farther up the stock if you compare it to the pre-existing slot on the right side of the stock. This is due to the new slot on the receiver being farther up.

Finally, fill the right side. I used QuikSteel epoxy putty. It has worked for me for over 2 years and running.

End product:

The pleasure was mine.

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Note: If you are left handed, it will only take you about 1-2 weeks of picking up your gun in a right handed position and cycling it to train yourself to be right handed. There are big advantages of being a left handed person who can fire both left and right handed especially when it comes to using an AEG. You will be able to fire around trees a lot easier. So if you have the patience, train yourself to use the right hand.
I myself was left handed and for a few weeks I made it my own personal rule to only pick any gun up right handed and now both ways are natural to me.
For it to feel 100% natural it takes about 2-3 months. But after 2 weeks it feels OK though.
It is worth training yourself right from the word go, that is if you want to be a long term sniper. Then you will not have to change each gun you have to left handed.
Hmmmm... I would love to try this considering I'm left-handed, but I think I have gotten used to taking my right hand off the grip, pulling the bolt, and grabbing the grip again to where it isn't a problem. I'll try to make a habit of shooting right-handed when it comes to sniping though as fuzzy said. This is something that will definitely take time for me especially. Awesome guide though to those that don't know how.
Stick with trying to fire right handed. With regular use it takes about 3 weeks to become totally natural
1 - 3 of 53 Posts
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