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Left-handed sniper rifle mod(Thanks to TheBauer)

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Here's a quick post for lefties that need some help with modding their VSR-10's or BAR-10's. This guide was originally done by TheBauer on his website, but he took down his entire site. Anyways, I will try to explain the mod in the simplest means possible. Basically, you'll being modding the bolt handle, the receiver, and the stock.

1. The bolt handle:

First, go ahead and remove you bolt handle assembly. It should look like the parts below. If you look on your unmodded bolt handle, you'll see a few structures that stick out, but are no longer there on mine. I simply removed those with a dremel.

2. The Receiver

Next, this is the most important part. The key to dremmeling this part is to make the slot on receiver slightly farther up than on the right side of the receiver (you can see this on the picture below). Doing so, will allow your cylinder head nozzle to sit farther in the hop up unit, preventing air loss.

If you notice my slot, I made it slightly too big. Just try to make it a small as possible to eliminate any possible problems. I have no problems as it is below.

3. The Stock

Basically you want to make the slot on the left side, but slight farther up the stock if you compare it to the pre-existing slot on the right side of the stock. This is due to the new slot on the receiver being farther up.

Finally, fill the right side. I used QuikSteel epoxy putty. It has worked for me for over 2 years and running.

End product:

The pleasure was mine.

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Hey Guys.

Thanks for keeping me alive!

My old site went down a while back due to not renewing the domain, bloody shame as it was plastered every where! Still the sites back up but under a new domain now.

This guide is also back on there,

Tokyo Marui - VSR - Left Hand Conversion Guide | Airsoft SniperAirsoft Sniper

Come over check out what I've got so far, any requests please drop me an email through the site and I'lll see what I can do.

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That was my biggest issue, training my right eye to be able to focus down the scope.

Looking through the scope with my left eye was so much more natural and easier.

Was easier to mod my rifle than spend even longer to train my right eye :)
Found out Edgi custom works makes beautiful left handed bolts and receivers. Just ordered mine! View attachment 4020
do you have a link?
Mine was $300 shipped. I actually like it better than the gspec handle. I don't have a link for it, but you can message him on Facebook
Ouch, think I'd pass on that. Could make 3 left handed Bar-10's for that price!
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What am I going to do with 3 rifles lol in all seriousness I have no regrets. I love the bolt!
Hah, I dunno. Resell I guess :D

But yeah I agree looks like a good bit of kit, great finally some one did it.
My quote was a bit cheaper at $240 shipped for the kit.

But I'm also in the process of designing and making my own kit. Depends on the end cost on whether I buy his or use my own.
Hey guys,

I've actually gone ahead and put some details up of the planned kit I'm looking to release and I'm looking at gauging interest in it.

Go to: 2Shots1Kill Left Hand VSR Conversion Kit ? 2Shots 1Kill ? Airsoft Sniper
For some details about the kit, also an option to opt in with your contact details and country. I'll be offering a little bonus to interested players when I get to release.

Also have development log going on as well.
So, was just recording a video to update my left-hand VSR conversion guide and I'm actually going to try out a 'straight' bolt pull at this weekends game.

Personally don't really like the look of the straight bolt pull, but after testing it whilst recording this video, actually really like the feel of it.

Might not go all the way with the new conversion!

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Heres the video :)

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