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Lewis and Clark Air Rifle.

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A friend of mine sent me a link to this video. I was amazed at what this gun could do. And what it did for Lewis and Clark.

What an amazing piece of history.

And then I found this video where they test shoot a reproduction of the gun. So awesome !

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That is one of the rifles that a lot of poachers would use back in the day.

That rifle is a great piece of american history, and a really cool rifle.

That is one of the items that got me into the air rifle side of hunting. As not a lot of people give a "bb gun" the time of day, when thinking about hunting.

I have taken game from coyotes to rats with my air rifles.
The thing to rememer is that with may pellet rifles, is that the barrels are rifled. Though some of the newer FX air rifles have a smooth bore barrel, and then the last inch or so is rifled. And they can get half inch groups at 100'.
Depends on the rifle.

There are some large bore air rifles that are fairly accurate with round balls. But normaly the large bore air rifles will use muzzle loader ammo.
They are a little bit larger than the bore.

So when they are pressed into the breech, the rifling cuts into the ball.
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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