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First of the gun

Costed me around 300
Now Im planning on making it out for 350fps but keeping a budget of 200 for upgrades so not all my upgrades can be the best. I heard good things about SHS but don't have any experience with them.

Deep Fire SS 6.02mm 500mm for m14
SHS Version 7 Reinforced gears for TM and g&p m14
was hoping for a Guarder Cylinder Enhancement Set for Marui M14 but its sold out everywhere, anyone know another good one for sale at redwolf or wgcshop?
Systema Polycarbonate Piston & Piston Head
systema new hop-up packing soft
Stock G&p m120
Stock 120

Anyone have any good advice for the cylinder or anything or missed or got wrong?
Help would be greatly appreciated:cheers:

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The G&Ps should shoot 350+fps out of the box with .20s.
This is especially true with their longer barreled guns.

The only real thing I would change is the piston, piston head, and cylinder head.
Other then that correct your AOE and you'll be good to go.
^Systema isn't the greatest brand for upgrade parts.
You also shouldn't need a bore up kit since the inner barrel should be under 509mm.

That will free up a bunch of money for you and I would say go for a Prometheus inner barrel.

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Since you are on a budget: use a madbull V2 6.03 barrel in the stock length, and get an ER-hop. As for gears, siegetek is the only way to go. Other than that, I would have to say SHS and/or lonex.

Piston, just so long as you correct AOE, I think you will be fine. Cylinder, keep the stock one, but polish it nicely - as it says in Vindi's guide at the top of this page.
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