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LM4 to a SASS

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ok, I recently got an LM4, it is in terrible condition, and it came with 6 leaky mags, but I am in the process of restoring it. Does anyone know of any upgrades/mods that I can do to it? And what do you think I should turn it into? (dmr looking preferably, and no mk18's or anything, i'm talking more like the look of an sr25, but show some variation!)
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Drill/tap the mags, and make sure you upgrade the bolt assembly to handle high pressure. I am not an advocate of high fps rifles, but with gas it's so much fun for target shooting...
What do you mean tap the mags? What for? If you mean for a p*, im not a big fan of those, id rather keep air tanks for paintball.
id rather keep air tanks for paintball.
You won't get any type of "sniper rifle" performance out of it then. You should be fine if you're just going to use it as a short-medium range assault rifle though.
ok, I'll worry about the performance of it (i'm sure I can make it go longer than normal. It won't be as good as a BASR, but it's fine), but what about different externals?
I just got an email that the ra tech barrel, ra tech blue bucking, and lm4 npas kit have been shipped, and I ordered a valve key from airsoft extreme that should eventually find it's way here. I'm thinking I may eventually get a steel bolt, change the buffer lock to steel, and change the buffer to a real steel m16a2 buffer, and cut it down.
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