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Load Bearing System

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What do you do to carry airsoft equipment (mags,ammo,etc.) out into the field? I have being using a pistol belt with two molle pouches but I found this uncomfortable when prone or low crawling. Any alternatives please?
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I use a jumpsuit style ghillie, and have mags up at chest level in pockets. If you put the pouches towards the back, or use a fannypack/butt-pack, it'll be way more comfortable prone and low-crawling.
Im using a BDU ghillie so butt pack is not practical. Do you find having the mags in the chest pockets comfortable.
I'm also using a flight suit based ghillie but during summer I'm using a small chest rig and I put branches on it.

I think I will put my mags in the chest pockets.
I use a fleece jacket, jeans, and a baseball cap ghillie. When I first made the ghillie I was also still getting upgrades for my bar10 so I didn't have the budget to also get a BDU or flight suit. I used some camo spray paints on the front (crawl ghillie) and it works just as well as any BDU. I have a lot of front pockets on my jacket and on the pants so I put the mags in the jacket pockets, a pistol in the inside pocket, and whatever else in the jean pockets. The only extra ammo I bring is my speed loader which is the size of my mag.
I think I will put my mags in the chest pockets.
I use a battle belt.

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Chest pockets work fine, man. I usually keep one mag in thigh pocket when I run my BDUs
For my magazines, I have RAID modded (Process of taking off the top chest pockets, moving them to the arms at an angle, and moving the bottom pockets to the chest) my BDU. I can easily hold 2 magazines in each pocket of it on my arms. My chest pockets hold my maps, compass, and face paint.

Something I have found works is taking an Eagle 3 Day Assault Pack III (With molle). Spraypaint it, burlap cover it, and just all in all camo it up. You can wear on your back while you are crawling or walking, but when you are stalking in a low crawl you can strap it onto 2 carabiners on the back of your belt, it takes a little to get used to, but detaches quickly. Works wonders for multiple shooting positions besides prone.
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Simple H harness and battle belt combo, all the way. Especially if carrying a hydration pack. :)
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