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I personally have tried to avoid this issue. I understand the theory of compression and cylindar volume to barrel volume as far as optimizing power. Personally I feel that there are too many different variables to be able to acurately compare one to another.

A little insight about me. I am a quality control manager for a manufacturing facility and I work in a ISO 9000 certified laboratory. That being said I test things all day long and forming a true baseline for comparison is highly important in statistacal process control. another factory is the theory of measurement uncertainty.

How this applies to airsoft? Well I feel as though a true comparison is dificult to obtain. When you switch barrels in the same gun there are so many factors that can vary the true consitancy and accurancy of a shot just from a mechanical side. Take that to the field and the actual shooting portion has an equal number of variables that cannot be controlled. In my opinion all that one person is able to is establish a ball park overall accuracy, nothing precise.

My primary rifle has a 590 mm barrel in it and is amazingly accurate at 200 ft. I can adjust it and dial it in to be fairly accurate at 300 ft. I dont think that the accuracy is due to the barrel length more the distance. My back up that uses a 480 mm barrel is equally as accurate.

I guess in summary a true comparison of matched components to me seems very difficult to do, and it comes down to each rifle has its own set of perameters and is only as accurate as the person shooting it and as consitant based on the experiance of the person that built it
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