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As well all know, this is the biggest arguement between all airsoft snipers. Each one has its pros and cons, and it seems like on a daily basis that I see someone arguing about this.

Long Barrel = 510mm+ (Longer then a MK96 barrel.)
Short Barrel = 509 and below. (VSR, MK96.)

Examples of barrels and guns.
TM VSR-10 = Shorter Barrel
Maruzen APS-2 = Long Barrel

Lets just discuss this.
What I DO understand.
Short barrels DO have better accuracy farther out.
Longer barrels DO have better accuracy when shooting closer range.

Why did I make this topic? I saw someone try to say that never buy above 500mm tightbores. My gun requires me to use a 590mm, and it shoots much better than most short barrel guns.
To avoid arguements, discuss these things. This is like a baseline/template.
-Pros V Cons.
-Why you think this.
-Proof/Legitmate logic
-Type of material (Barrel) you used if you have proof (Madbull and Promthesus are completely different.)

I find this intresting because of the fact that I use a long barrel, people use shorter, and I get knocked for using it, so. This is like a "explain your logic, or else" rant/post/topic/discussion.

Mods:Take down if you are worried about arguements, this was in my head when making this, this is why I tried to avoid arguements.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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