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Longest range possible around 450fps?

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Well if you have seen my other posts I have lots of questions to ask. How would you get the most range possible at around 450fps for both an m4 or a sl9(I would like input for both). Also I will be using a prommy 509mm barrel, but which diameter? 6.03, or 6.05? Thank you for your help.
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I would personally elongate the hopup window. Cut an extra ~2 cm, and then do an r-hop thing, and get rubber to cover the window.

There is another idea I am working on, but that may take some time to figure out if it will work or not.
Yeah, it's all about the hop up. Also the fps doesn't matter with range, only effective range, as in when they stop feeling or hearing getting hit. For me with - a 328fps gun the maximum effective range is 125ft but the farthest range I can get with similar groupings is 200ft, but it would feel like a butterfly hitting you, and it would take like 5 seconds to get to you.
Well my gun has perfect compression on a m125 already so I do not need to buy parts for it. Do you mean 200feet with lobbing? You must need to lob like 10 feet if 125 feet is your maximum range. And the r-hop is a combo of a g-hop and h nub right? I tried that with a plastic nub and internal mound removed but was really inconsistent though there was more range. You have a good guide for it? Also I have a theory, when going up in bb weight i got more range and accuracy, so I am thinking going from .3 to .43 would give even more range and accuracy even though at only 440fps.
The R-Hop is mod done by my freind Spike aka HS5. It requires a custom cut barrel and a special hop up section and installation. To be quite frank with posts your writing you don't seem capable of installing the mod or tuning it.
125 feet is my maximum EFFECTIVE RANGE meaning where you can feel AND hear getting hit. While around 200ft is my maximum straight trajectory. The pdi whold bucking and hop up unit is an amazing combo, so range isn't the issue but effective range is. I use .3 g bbs for this range.
I am actually a very good tech, I am just getting input from others. Though I do feel like I have come off as a noob on this forum that is a little bit offensive as you have not even seen my guns or know my technical ability(though your going from what my posts have been, you should not jump to conclusions). I know I could do whatever the r-hop requires to install it properly. Is there a DIY version I could do or no? Also this post is not meant to be angry sounding.
You probably can't DIY it because you have to cut the barrel precisley, and if It's a Prommy Steel or PDI, you'll be charged extra due to the required tooling cost. The reason I come off this way is because I deel with Noob-like people all over the place, especially those that create multiple topics. You could've found all of the answers by searching over a few technical forums, so when someone comes around asking a bunch of easily answerable questions with similar topics over and over again, It becomes inconclusive of the writers technical abilities. Then when the go to asking about something technical and slightly complex in installation in tuning, such as the R-hop, I try to shut down false hope so that they don't waste their money or someone elses time.
I was trying to say I could install it together not do something like precisely cutting a barrel. I am asking lots of questions because I do not want to buy millions of parts when I can see what people have tried and get a rough idea of what to expect. Also seeing something from another persons point of view of why something works or why they chose one part over another. Lets just end this thread.
Metallicafatcat, I think surpressedkilla123 is just being very cautious with his money just as I am. Also him asking our opinions shows that he thinks our opinions are more valuable then some of the others at other forums.
Let's ALL tone it down. We are all friends here, so let's just focus on helping each other out. That goes for everyone.

I suggest suppress that you PM some more experienced members for some of these simple quick and easy answer questions. Most of the time, someone will be able to help you if you had trouble understanding something. However, that does not mean you cannot post any questions here for us to help you with. After all, if you ask it now, someone will not have to ask it later.

And as for us regulars on the boards. If you don't want to answer the question, and cannot do so without a bit of rage, then don't post. Let us mods handle the mod stuff.

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