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Longrange AEG

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What is the range of some of your guys' DMR's? I am under the impression that the max range for an airsoft gun is around 230'. What is the longest range DMR any of you have encountered?

And so I dont have to make a new thread in the bolt-action board, what is the longest range BA youve ever heard of?

(please state the fps and wieght of bbs used, if you know)
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As everyone else stated, distance traveled accurately isn't quite the same. However, with a semi-auto, I can send several quit follow ups with a good chance of hitting my target. In addition, extreme fine tuning of your replica, as well as the tips Vindi laid out in his guide will significantly increase that distance traveled accurately.

It takes a lot of time and trial and error to get your rifle up to your standards of good. I can't even tell you how many times that gun has been rebuilt, tweeked, and fine-tuned over the years to get it where it's at.
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