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Looking at another DMR.

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Hey all, I am looking to purchase another DMR. Right now I am thinking about getting a VFC HK 417 or VFC SCAR-H SSR. Just want to get other opinions. My limit at the moment is $500, also right now my armory consist of a CYMA SVD and TM VSR-10.
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I have to say 417. I myself will one day buy that gun and make it into a DMR. It just looks so nice, how could you say no?
I have to second the 417. If they are built any where near as solid as the real ones you won't be sorry!
Out of the 2 I'd have the scar to be different. I fancy the cyma ebr. And you'd have a load of money left to make it dmr accurate.
PTS ACR. :) Go big or go home, American style. :yup:
EDIT: Just saw your $ limit, sorry partner. CYMA EBR then?
417 417 417 417 417 417 417 417 417 417!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was thinking about the CYMA EBR, its just that stock I hate.
I have to agree with everyone else. the 417 would look awesome as a DMR. Only down side is that it doesn't leave you any cash left for upgrades.
I would go with the scar. Its different and most dmrs are based of AR platforms such as the 417 so it would stand out. Some camo spray paint, and other sniper external parts would make it look really cool
Yeah, all the upgrades I really wanted to do was a Falcon hop up bucking and an R-hop, possibly a longer tightbore.
I have also added an CA sr-25 to my thoughts. Any comments on that?
Alright thanks, Im gonna try to save up a bit more and upgrade both my VSR and get a G&G SR25 if I can find one in stock.
I'd say 417 but because of this:

No word on price yet though.
Cant go wrong with the CA AR10. Ive literally abused this gun to the point of the stock snapping off, and the piston jamming from dirt, and it still shoots better than some of my other dmrs. It has to do with the box design. All I had to do was clean it and lube it and it was good to go.

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So beautiful, well I just got a job so my money situation should be better.
I sold my G&G SR-25 a few months back... It was very good but I didn't like the finish!
I know I could have paint it but I'm also a trademarks junkie so I bought the G&P XM110. Which I know it doesn't have the correct trade's but at least the trade's are engraved!

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