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I sold my G&G SR-25 a few months back... It was very good but I didn't like the finish!
I know I could have paint it but I'm also a trademarks junkie so I bought the G&P XM110. Which I know it doesn't have the correct trade's but at least the trade's are engraved!

You did good. Paint should never touch a G&P rifle. Its comprobable to taking a dump on the Mona Lisa. Sniper tape or rifle rap that baby. I never let paint touch my rifles. One man's master piece is another person's pool of vomit and it ruins the resale value; or youll regret it later. G&P SR25s are also nice, but Ive seen more unicorns than new G&P SR25s/XM110s. I also know where to get a suppressor for that XM110 if your interested :)
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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