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Looking for a non-gas sidearm

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I've recently been looking for a sidearm to supplement my UTG MK96. I've more or less ruled out the possibility of using a gas-powered sidearm, as I'm from Michigan, so it gets pretty cold in the winter and pretty hot in the summer. I really don't want to lug around a full-sized AEG, either, as there isn't enough room under my ghillie blanket. I'm pretty much stuck with an AEP. The two AEPs that I'm considering are the CYMA CM030 G-lock (Let us not flirt with the "G" word) 18C and the WELL/JG Skorpion.

Here's what I think of each:

CM030 G-Lock 18C:
- More compact than the Skorpion, but that means less firepower and and capacity.
- Lighter than the Skorpion, although less stable due to the lack of a stock.
- I'm no fan of the real steel counterpart for a number of reasons.
- Probably more reliable than the Skorpion, as CYMA is known to make a better product than WELL

WELL/JG Skorpion:
- Although ostensibly built for munchkins, the stock provides better stability.
- Comes with a drum mag, allowing for sustained engagement if necessary
- I love Eastern Bloc weaponry so much that I decided to learn Russian... If any of you have tried that, you know how much I like EB weapons.
- May not be as reliable as the CYMA CM030.
- I'm gonna have one heck of a time looking for a holster.

Here's the wrinkle in the formula: I need this to be a competent primary, as well. My group only allows two snipers per team, and we have seven snipers. All seven don't usually show up (only three attend skirmishes religiously, including my bro and me), but if I get unlucky, I want to be able to play.

If anyone can break the stalemate or give recommendations for a replica that is superior to both, please do chime in.

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I've played with the cyma Glock in sub zero (centigrade) temperatures and while it preforms better than gas powered guns the trigger response and rate of fire is aweful. If you go down the AEP route, seriously consider wiring it for external battery power. I did with my AEP but unfortunately never got around to trying it in the field in the winter.
True, but I won't have much more luck with gas. I mostly skirmish in the summer (GBB shoots too hot) or winter (GBB does not work well). I've seen some guys have luck with a GBB as a primary in summer, but he had a 50-foot MED because it was shooting way hot... so there goes my secondary. I've never seen anyone have good luck with a GBB in the winter, even though we won't hold events if it's below 32 Farenheit.

That being said, I'm seriously considering an external battery rig or simply rigging a bigger internal battery.
I have been in the position to buy both of these before but ended up not. I have also done A LOT of research on both. Don't get the glock if you are getting the pistol get their new P226 - it is a new gen and much better than the old ones. It will also outperform the scorpion, have smaller, cheaper mags and you will be able to get a holster for it.
How would the Skorpion be inferior in performance and reliability?
Personally I think the skorpion actually a decent gun.
But I will poke a hole in you logic right now.
Why not get a mini aeg.
I would get a mini m4. Because I made one and it seems to work for me.
Here is a good one.
Also ICS have been known for their baby m4s.
The reason I though of a baby m4 is because they can be easily upgradable because it has a v2 gearbox. So you can mount a high speed or any setup you want with it.

Besides if you don`t want that I would go with the Cyma. Cyma guns are always impressing even their ak out range my friends RS AK.
So I would go with the Glock.
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Yeah, I feel that the Glock would have higher quality, but the Skorp is longer and would probably perform better. Again, this is a real stalemate for me. On one hand, the Glock is a good choice for its light weight and CYMA-ness, but on the other hand I like that the Skorp has a longer barrel, comes with a drum mag and can probably take a barrel extension. That's barring the fact that I took it upon myself to learn one of the hardest languages there is потому что мне так много нравится стрелять мои друзья оружами ненастоящими российскими (because I like to shoot my friends with fake Russian weapons so much). They're also both pretty high-quality AEPs, from what I can ascertain.

I know where I can get holsters for both, so that's solved.

The mini-M4 would be a good idea, but I'd probably want to get VN mags. Also, I'd need a sling, as opposed to a holster, and that means that the gun could swing around and be a nuisance. I'd probably refurbish my JG G3SAS if I were to go the small rifle route... That being said, they're bound to be higher-profile than an AEP, and would also be subject to MED restrictions (base med for standard-gearbox electrics is 20 feet, arms' length for AEPs)
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You can always downgrade the m4 spring. This is a really stupid idea. Hopefully Mac Doesn`t see. Hey anyone who wants to know Macmillan is the troll. Okay besides that. You can always hand make a holster. All you need is some fabric and some Velcro and some straps. You can make a drop leg for it. That would be nice. Personally if you want you can make the gun be really tight to your body and it has a qd sling mount which allows you to take it off really fast. So you can have it on you body and detach it really quickly and run around with it.
I am more than sure that the p226 (newest AEP out by CYMA) would out preform the scorpion considering I fired them both in the same game (Borrowed). The scorpion would outperform the glock though.
Hmmmm... That would be a good idea, although I'd probably use an AKSU, as it would be the same length as the M4 pistol's receiver and barrel with the stock folded... That being said, It would be more expensive once upgrades get into the mix, and certain group admins wouldn't make exceptions for a spring downgrade. Then again, I'd have a full-size AEG gearbox and power. The problem would just be getting stubby mags for easier concealment. I've been living AEG-free for only two weeks, and if I get a normal AEG, I may stop going steady with my L96 and get a major relapse... That would not be good.

How much better was the P226?

And if you don't mind my asking, what's a really stupid idea, and who got trolled? Мне приходится использовать Едуарда Хила? (Do I need to bust out Edward Khil?)
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My stupid idea was to hand make a holster but I actually have sewing skills so it is not that hard. Might look weird but my definition is airsoft would be. Effectiveness>Looks
Ok the troll is Mac and he says all my post are stupid and I should leave this forum. What do you think inthetallgrass. Do you think all my ideas are stupids and my posts are stupid and I should just leave the forum. I have to agree I do have stupid ideas sometimes but they are creative so why not.

Ha thats nice you haven`t touched a aeg in 2 weeks.
You know all you need use just to get the m4 and what ever mags you want and that is all. ICS makes pretty good guns you won`t have to upgrade them if you don`t want to.

Btw the way your preference. You can go the aep way and know they not many upgrade or any at all. If you gun breaks too bad.
On the other hand you have a standard v2 gearbox where almost all companies make spare parts and upgrade parts for that gearbox. So that won`t be hard. Also you can upgrade it to your hearts content. I seem really weird why I am saying m4s are awesome. I think they are weird and I LOVE AKs! I just hate the RPK. Don`t ask why.

Again remember it is your money whichever you like you can pick.
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Stupid ideas tend to work wonderfully... So go gung-ho with them.

Yeah, for some reason this is a hard decision. On one hand, I'd like the firepower and reliability of a normal AEG, while I'd also like the compactness of an AEP... I could always get an MP5KPDW and have the best of both worlds... I'd just need to become quadri-lingual and learn German.

That being said, I've seen a few upgrades for AEPs. Not really much, but enough to fix stuff on a ninety dollar gun, which brings me to my next point: AEPs are cheap enough that I could get a Skorp or Glock and get a full set of internal upgrades for the price of an ICS Mini-M4. the only problem would be sourcing said upgrades. I could get a CYMA AKSU and not need to worry, but I'd be carrying a hunk of steel in addition to my L96, gear and water. I could also stop being a wuss and get a gas pistol, probably a KWC Desert Eagle or KWA ATP... It's funny: my local shop has a whole stack of ATP's, while ASGI, Evike and all the big dogs can't keep them in stock.
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Personally gas gun probably don`t work good in your area just scratch them off.
So I forgot to mention.
Airsoft shotguns.
Perfect. 60 dollars. You can get the trishot ones.
Those are actually good to 150 feet believe it or not.
In case you don`t know here the link.
The shorter barrel ones are good.

I have a Mp5 now that I am selling for 150 dollars. Has high speed upgrades. So preugraded and 3 mags for 150 dollars not a bad deal. Also what I would do would be Take out the stock and rewire the wires to the outside of the gun and put a little peq box.
Heres the link where I am selling the stuff.
What I would pick 1 being the best and you know the rest.
1 ICS m4
2My Mp5 I am selling
3 Scorpion
4 Shotgun
5 Glock x2. So 2 glocks.
6 Cyma P226 if you have the money.
7Gas pistols
8 This is the rich ass option Clear Walmart m4 with Polarstar gearbox. AKA Fearbox
9 The Cyma Ak. Because that will be heavy. If it is full steel.

Back to inthetallgrass.
Do you hate me and what me to leave this forum forever ?
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Yeah, I'll probably take a look at the ICS M4 line the next time I get a chance to go to the airsoft shop.

A bit off topic, but how much does your MP5 weigh?
5 pounds fully loaded with everything. Not bad. Mentioning it is full metal and very strong. Very smooth firing and shooting 350 so good fps.
None. CSI basically USA JG. But you got to remeber it is upgraded. So it is CSI/CA hybrid. With a gears and a high torque motor from CA and some other knick knacks. I also am accepting trades.
Sadly, I have almost no cash at the moment and my only gun is my L96. I'm probably going to get my backup in two months, when I have the cash for the gun and some other knick-knacks (mesh mask, spare mags for both guns, holster/sling for secondary, better sling for primary, ghillie components, and an H-Harness)

That being said, I'm really liking the Skorp right now, as apparently one can use sniper rifle springs and cut them down to do a spring upgrade. That's an easy upgrade to 300fps. That way, I can have decent power and no MED. Furthermore, it looks like the Well VZ61 is a proper Marui clone, so I'll be able to fix/upgrade PRN. Then again, a baby M4 is nice, too with its sexy looks and V2 gearbox.
If I were you I'd get a Echo 1 Task Force black mp5k. A friend of mine has one and it is very high quality, and very short with out the stock. The only turn off is that it is a little heavy for a sidearm.

Also, Nelsonho, please stop with the he doesn't like me, he's picking on me, do you like me nonsense. Not trying to be rude, but you sound like a middle school girl trying to start drama.
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