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hello there. im looking for a high fps, powerful gun under 200$. i live in USA, FLORIDA. just want to mention that i wont be shooting at people. all i want to do with it is training on glass bottles, my junk car, thrown plates, etc :D i love destruction ;) what im interested in is:

*primary weapon (ASSAULT RIFLE):
-ris track (doesnt have to got scope, laser pointer, etc as a stock item in a set. i can buy it separately)
-full auto or burst mode
-rather like full metal body and heavy weight [even 20 pound] gun (for a realistic feeling) [in this case rifle could be little more expensive]
-heavy ammo (not a plastic bbs :D) just pellets or steel bbs
-can handle annoying racoons ;)
-good looking
-i can spend some money every paycheck so could be co2 (exploatation cost can be higher)
-mod possibility (if its realy high fps on heavy ammo than not necessarily)
-long range.
-good accuracy

#2 primary weapon (SNIPER RIFLE):
-similar features as a #1
-doesnt have to got all accesories such as scope, etc (i can buy it seperately)
-ris track of course ;)
-single mode, or auto
-could be co2, electric or pump action (as far as it'll have long range and high piercing rate)
-heavy and metal body preffered (i like when it feels like a real one, can weight even 20 pounds)
-mod possibilty (to increase fps rate, etc). if the gun is very strong than not necessarily
-long range
-good accuracy

#3 secondary weapon (PISTOL)
-high fps
-auto mode
-full metal preffered
-good range and power
-no ris track necessary

I hope ill be shooting my dream "gun" soon ;) hopefully you guys understood me well. my english aint perfect. sorry about that. still learning. i came to US 5 years ago from EU - Poland. have a great day guys and gals. looking forward to your comments, opinions and suggestions about the "guns" which meet my criteria. You can PM me or just write in comments. Thanks!!! be cool!!!

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This post is slightly troubling…
Please don’t shoot animals, raccoon or otherwise
Please don’t brandish airsoft gun in public
Behavior like this makes it harder for the rest of us that want to use airsoft in a safe and responsible manner

Airsoft gun is not a legal alternative to a plinker. When you’re asking for pellets and steel bbs, it appears you’re looking for a weapon. Given your intro, being 16, and from florida, unless you have a hunting license, you can’t just go around shooting stuff randomly with a pellet gun.

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An airsoft gun will only scare away an animal and will likely not even wound it. You will only cause it pain and suffering with an airsoft. Though if you do have a pest problem you should either use a pellet rifle or a 22.LR real rifle for a lethal and humane shot. But please don't go shooting at random animals if they are not causing you harm or putting you or anyone else in danger.

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In Florida it is only legal to kill a racoon if you have a hunting licence.
Furthermore, you must use a humane method. This means that the kill must be instant. This can be done with a high power .22 or .25 air rifle or a fire arm, though, as far as I am aware, in Florida it is illegal to discharge a fire arm within city limits (shooting ranges and such, of course being the exception).
Might I add that it is VERY illegal to poison racoons, because poison is not a nice way to die.
The best method is to use a trap that will almost instantly snap its neck, there are strict restrictions on these though, so you should check which ones are allowed.
The racoon must also be a 'nuisance racoon', which I suppose yours are;
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