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Hello everybody, I've used this forum many times for research but never actually signed up to ask my own questions. Soooo I'm here to ask your opinion on my dream build. I have been furiously researching options for the last three days and came up with this list of parts to put in an sr 25 mod. (It runs on a Polar star engine with some specialty parts to make it compatible with the sr 25 receiver)

Parts list:
Prometheus hop up unit
orga 6.23- 400mm barrel
R hop
Prometheus purple soft(orga barrel is set up so you can simply turn the bucking and have the equivalent of a flat hop set up)
M nub

I'm wondering if there is anything I need to know as far as calibrating the fusion engine for long range accuracy as well as any tips and tricks for setting up and dialing in a r hop system. Also if there are better parts out there I would love to know about them. Thanks for the help.
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